Dale Dougherty of Make visits DMS

Dale Dougherty founder of Make Magazine and Maker Faire, and a partner in O’Reilly Media stopped by Dallas Makerspace last Wednesday to checkout our space and tell us about his vision of the future of Making. Dale was in Texas testifying at a court hearing in Tyler, Texas regarding Eolas Technologies and the over reaching patents they were trying to enforce. Luckily the 8 member jury in the east Texas Tyler court  struck down the patent claim that Eolas invented the “Interactive Web”. Several DMS members shared a steak dinner with Dale, while he answered lots of questions.



  1. Ben Brockert February 17, 2012 Reply

    Have you guys ever considered using the blog to announce events before they happen?

  2. Author
    aceat64 March 16, 2012 Reply

    Events like this one are typically, one-time, last minute things. We were notified via our member’s only mailing list a few hours beforehand that Dale would be in town and wanted to swing by the Makerspace.

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