Teach A Class

No License Needed

You don’t have to be licensed, insured or even sane to teach a class at the Dallas Makerspace. Everyone has something they are good at, and teaching classes allows us to transfer that knowledge to others. If you have something you love, we would love to help you share it.

You could teach people how to solder, sew or build a bobsled, we don’t mind. We even offer a $50 honorarium for classes that qualify.

3rd Parties / Contractors

We allow 3rd parties to hold classes/workshops at the Dallas Makerspace.

If your event is free to the public and our members there is no fee to host your event, just submit a request!

If your event is paid, we request 15% of the sale price. Reduced fee is possible when discounts are provided to our members, please see the Rules and Policies for more information.


Getting Started

  1. Check our calendar and pick a time that’s free.
  2. Submit your event to our PR committee.
  3. Show up and teach your class!

Getting Paid

If you would like to receive the $50 honorarium for teaching, you must follow these additional steps:

  1. Request approval by sending an e-mail to admin@dallasmakerspace.org, be sure to include any curriculum (slides, handouts, etc). Request must be sent at least 12 days before the class.
  2. Add the event to our calendar the same day you request the honorarium.
  3. Keep an accurate count of your attendees, you need at least 3 to be eligible.
  4. Within 30 days after the class, submit your request for reimbursement.

For more information, see the Honorarium section of our Rules & Policies page.