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This page shows off examples of Formatting, please click on "View Source" or "Edit Source" to see what the markup looks like. When editing a page, always be sure to preview your changes first, so you aren't having to make multiple edits just to fix a formatting issue. You should also put a clear description of the change in the "Summary" field.

Thumbnail example, thumbnails float at the top right of the page
Thumbnail example #2

Text Eamples

The text above is a a "level 2 heading", because it is surrounded by two equal signs. You should never use level 1 headings, as that is used automatically for the page's title. Headings are super useful because they the wiki will automatically use them to generate a Table of Contents.

Italics and Bold

Text surrounded by TWO apostrophes on either side (also known as single quotes) will be italicized. Like this.

Text surrounded by THREE apostrophes will be bold. Like this.

If you want to get real wild, text surrounded by FIVE apostrophes will be bold and italic. Like this.


List are useful for loads of things, if you've ever made a list when posting on Talk, this should look very familiar.

Bullet List

  • Bullet lists are super easy!
  • All you need is a line starting with an asterisk
    • You can add more asterisks to indent an item in the list
      • This can be done for multiple levels
  • Just go back to one asterisk to be at the top level again!

Numbered List

  1. Numbered lists are also easy!
  2. All you need is a line starting with an number sign (pound sign, hashtag, etc)
    1. Just like with bullets you can add more number signs to indent an item in the list
      1. This can be done for multiple levels
  3. Just go back to one number sign to be at the top level again!


In general there are two types of links. Internal links go to another page on this wiki. External links go to anywhere else. If you want to link to a Talk post, a class on the calendar or other DMS resource, that's still an external link because they are not pages on the wiki.

Internal Links

Making an internal link is easy, and can even be done to link to pages that don't exist yet! All you need is the name of the page, surrounded by two square brackets on either side. Here's a link to the Rules and Policies page. If you want the text of the link to be different than the target of the link, all you need to do is put in a pipe character (|) after the page name. Everything after the pipe will be the text of the link. Here's an example that links to the Rules page, but says be sure to read this!

External Links

External links are also easy, just wrap them in one set of square brackets, and be sure to include the https:// part of the URL. Here's a link to Google[1]. Just putting the URL is a fast and easy way to reference an external source. Most of the time you probably want to link to something but have the link be some specific text. This is very similarly to internal links but instead of a pipe character, we just use a space. Here's an example linking to Google's main page.

Media Examples

Before you can post images/media on a page, you'll need to upload it first! Click on "Upload file" on the left menu, it's under the "Tools" section. Once uploaded a file will get it's own special page, from that page you can upload new versions of the file, just click on the "Upload a new version of this file" under the "File history" section. To find a file's page, you can either click on it when it's included or linked on a page (such as the images below), or you can search for it.

Single Image Example

This is an example of an inline image, with a fixed width of 400 pixels.


Gallery Example

Other Useful Features

Table Example

Item Price Description
Case/Motherboard $185 Shuttle SG41J1-VPH
CPU $125 Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93Ghz
Memory $43 OCZ Gold 4GB (2x2GB) DRR3 1066
Hard Drive $60 Western Digital 500GB 7200RPM
CD/DVD Burner $18 Samsung CD/DVD Burner
Video Card $70 EVGA GeForce 9500 1GB PCIe x16

References Example

This is an example of text with a footnote.[1]


The tag below will cause all footnotes/references to appear here.

  1. Example reference text goes here, but will show up wherever the references tag is placed.