Portable, Mobile, and Vehicle Atomic Power

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Atomic energy has characteristics which make it attractive for applications other than central-station electric generation.

Topics to be covered include expeditionary powerplants, nuclear ships (including submarines), aircraft, and rockets, and nuclear-powered spacecraft, including the Mars Curiosity Rover, currently the only land vehicle driven by atomic power (from a radioisotope thermoelectric generator).


Related Media

Nuclear submarines, General Electric perspective (11 min)

"The Nuclear Navy" (26 min)

US Army truck-mounted nuclear power plant (23 min)

Nuclear-powered outpost in Greenland (32 min)

"Sturgis" floating nuclear power plant (23 min)

SNAP-10A space nuclear power reactor (29 min)

RTG used on the Curiosity rover (1 min)

Soviet nuclear rocket experiments (8 min)

Nuclear propulsion in space (23 min)

Dates Offered

2015-11-24 (Tuesday), 8 PM