Ergonomic Workstation / Gaming Cockpit

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Ergonomic Workstation / Gaming Cockpit

This project involves mounting a cheap and comfortable automotive racing seat on a 10 degree incline and building a workstation / cockpit around it.

Members involved

Eric Riggan


  1. The final product must be usable as an all-day workstation on a day-to-day basis. Gaming is a secondary function.
  2. The product is to be built in stages. Stage one must be usable on day 1.
  3. Each stage must be able to enter a standard doorway and navigate a flight of stairs, to be assembled with minimal hand tools.
  4. The final product must be able to be dis-assembled with minimal hand tools, transported, and re-assembled in the event of a move
  5. The final product must allow for a non-trivial amount of customization by other prospective builders.
  6. The final product must be aesthetically pleasing.


stage one plans have been drawn up via Sketchup for wood and steel angle iron as building materials. The wood plan is finalized and will likely be the material of choice for this project. A cut list and buy list have been created. Thus far, a rough estimate puts material costs for the first stage at a little less than $100. I intend to document this build as thoroughly as I can, and final plans will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence.