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Like most user wiki pages, these rarely get updated.


DMS Positions


  • Random work shop project helper
  • Infrequent DMS tour guide, question answer-er
  • I offer PR support and criticism somewhere between the level of "drive by" and "engaged participant"
  • Where ever Logistics and Infrastructure intersect, I'm often there to do some of the hands-on work


The following is from early 2016:

1996 F150

Sold mid-2017
I own a 1996 F150 5.0L 4x4 longbed truck that I neglected for some years.

I completed the following repairs on 1/17/2016:

  • Positive Battery cable replacement
  • Starter relay replacement
  • Replace radiator hoses: upper, lower, bypass
  • Belts: Serpentine belt, pulley, tensioner
  • Fluid maintenance: radiator flush

Still pending:

  • U-joint replacement
  • Upper right side ball joint replacement
  • Fluid maintenance: oil change, ATF replacement

Envisioned projects

  • LAN cabinet a wall-mounted cabinet for a nice rackmount GigE switch, patch panel, router, NAS, UPS, etc. This will likely be laser-cut once I determine an appropriate design.
  • Spotlights / work lights handheld spotlights/floodlights utilizing 3D-printed bodies that interface with Ryobi ONE+ batteries - some design work required
  • Flashlight design project a built-from-scratch flashlight utilizing some nifty Aluminum 1.50" x 1.00" x 0.125" wall oblong tubing that's going to call for some clever clever design work

Aspirational projects

  • Tiny house design some tinyhouse-like projects such as a modular cabin, a trailer, or a skoolie bus conversion. I have Tom Sawyer'ed myself into helping with one such project.
  • Aircraft build a light sport aircraft

Other facts, figures, and vital statistics subject to curious rounding errors

  • Erik Smith is a professional wallflower
  • Erik knows many things but cannot necessarily catalog them on the spot
  • Erik is probably not the batman
  • Erik is approximately 76" tall, has disproportionately long legs, is in possession of all 20 original-issue digits, requires corrective optics but can otherwise see, has a sense of smell well below average, has excellent hearing but often-marginal listening comprehension, and carries XY chromosomes
  • Erik has been known to type furiously on occasion and has been known to say keyboards are wear items from time to time