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At the beginning of 2014, a group of makers set forth to rework a $500 car for race competition.

Our first race was March 1st and 2nd of 2014. It was a life experience for all involved.

Chuck tells a great story and recounted the initial effort : The Great Race


(gallery to be added)


LeMons Recap-Eagles Canyon 2014


  • Build a safe and race worthy vehicle based on a $500 used car
  • Take said vehicle to the track and race it
  • Continue to race said vehicle

Core Members

  • Chuck Graf (project leader)
  • Brandon Green
  • Brett Cotton
  • James Koffeman
  • Ed Koffeman
  • Allen Wan
  • Benjamin Groves

Special Recognition

  • Ed was hell of an engineer with many of our diagnosis, and kept us from packing up on Friday (let alone Saturday)
  • James manhandled some shit - He got in there and did some nasty stuff like bench pressing a transmission, and projecting our racing highlights on the next team's trailer
  • Ed and James, who provided us a with a moving house to coordinate ourselves in
  • Brett did a great job organizing our finances, too bad the judge didn't care about spreadsheets
  • Reece, who took on re-welding our roll cage at the last minute
  • Michael Lass, who was able to acquire us a real tow truck to haul the car around on occasion
  • Pearce, who helped prepare stickers while we were asleep
  • Allen, who collected rare and exotic clutch parts in Dallas and brought them to us
  • Ray, who mopped up the car mess after we all fled Sunday


  • (project leading up to this date to be added)
  • 02/28/2014 - Open track day and Safety Inspection - The transmission decided to eat itself
  • 03/01/2014 - Race Day One - 2 hours of fine racing followed by fuel system problems
  • 03/02/2014 - Race Day Two - 3 hours of fine racing followed by hauling the car home in an ice-storm

Next Steps

  • Wash Car
  • Put Car into storage
  • (list of future work an maintenance on the car, "Edward" to be listed here)


  • North Dallas Hooptie - March 1st and 2nd 2014 - Eagle's Canyon Raceway, Decatur Texas


  1. 1995 Nissan 240SX with "minor problems"
  2. 2001 Mercury Sable - donated to the space, cleaned up, sold to help fund the team