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Current Treasurer: Paul Brown

Paypal Import

Ignore the following from paypal:

  • E-check received and e-check fee
  • Temporary hold and temporary hold fee
  • Cancelled Fee


As of Feb 6 2013, we no longer accept e-checks. They cause a lot of bookkeeping errors. In 2 instances we thought we got payment, but the echeck was cancelled a week later. So with e-checks, although you think you got your money - it could be cancelled a week later.


  • WHMCS - Invoicing system
  • GnuCash - Bookkeeping system (Quickbooks as of August 2013)


Responsibilities - WIP

What are the duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer? This is one of the two Officer positions that the DMS has to have. There are very real legal responsibilities to this position, and it should not be taken lightly. The Treasurer's primary responsibility is to manage and report on the finances of the DMS.

Please be patient as we get this section solidified.

Letters Of Acknowledgement

The IRS requires you to get a letter of acknowledgement from us if you make a donation larger than $250. If you need the letter, just send me and e-mail and I will reply with the letter.