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Members in attendance

  • Eric
  • Mark Havens
  • Glenn Pipe
  • Steve Rainwater
  • Peter Smith (chair/secretary)


  • Paul Wilson
  • Andrew Lecody


  • 2003 Peter opened the meeting
  • 2004 Minutes from the previous meeting were ratified
  • 2006 Paul W adds to New Agenda the fees item
  • 2011 Eric adds to New Agenda the IRS 1023 item
    • Eric adds to New Agenda the election for board item
  • 2013 Discussion on the accounts
  • 2016 Eric reccommends moving forward with hiring professional CPA services
  • 2018 Committee consents to Mark hiring a CPA for $200 or less, to be paid for out of the DMS funds (if one can only be found for more than that amount, then the committee will reconsider)
  • 2030 Discussion begins on IRS 1023 agenda item
  • 2036 Paul suggests ByLaws be reviewed by the Membership on Thurs, the 7th. Committee assigns this task to Andrew. This meeting will not be a standard MIBS or regular meeting.
  • 2123 The committee consents that a DPRG adviser to the board will be assigned.
  • 2125 Discussion begins on membership fees item
  • The committee consents that the membership structure as Mark implemented will be reverted back to its prior version, and that his proposed membership structure will be re-evaluated at a later date. Any new members signed during the period that the new rules were in place are considered to be members but pursuant to the terms at that time.
  • 2154 The election of the board by the membership will be finalized within 48 hours of the meeting.
  • Peter adjourned the meeting at 2157