Steering Committee Meeting 20110405

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Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Previous minutes Steering_Committee_Meeting_20110315

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chair

Organizational committee

  • Status of review of ByLaws
    • Meeting, 20110104, went through first half of them
    • Last meeting, 20110111, went through the remaining half
    • Mark polished off a lot of final changes on the ByLaws
  • Status on 1023 filing. (When these are complete, 1023 filing goes off) HIGHEST PRIORITY!

Building committee

  • Building sub-committee (physical space ToDo list--Glenn Pipe, Physical space sub-committee)
    • Glenn Pipe, Eric Chaney, Paul Wilson
    • Need listing of capital expenditures (Current Needs and Space_Checklist)--Need lists of WHAT, COST, and PRIORITY
      • Results of Forum Poll for in-space items.


  • File form 1023
    • Problem: We need to file the 1023
      • Why: The Dallas Makerspace membership would like a non-profit organization to manage and oversee the assets and budget of the Makerspace.
      • Who: This will require the Steering Committee
      • Solution1: Finalize the Bylaws. Time required: unknown
      • Solution2: Send the 1023 with what we currently have. Time required: unknown
  • Mark has proposed changing the Membership fees and structure.
    • Problem: We need to change the Membership fees and New member requirements
      • Why: TBD
      • Who: This will require the Steering Committee
      • Solution1:
        • Require a donation to the Makerspace Fellowship Fund
        • For new members there are two tiers of membership
          • $50 Standard Maker Rate
          • $30 Special Maker Rate
        • For existing members there are three tiers of membership
          • $50
          • $40
          • $30
      • Solution2: Keep the same structure we've been using since around March of 2010.
  • Determine if Nolo tips necessitate any bylaws changes
    • Problem: IRS approval can be slow if they need to ask questions
      • Why: Addressing common IRS questions before hand may speed 501(c)(3) recognition
      • Who: Steering committee
      • Solution: determine if changes are needed and assign them to someone
  • Present proposed bylaws at next membership meeting for Q/A
    • Problem: Members needs to be involved in approving bylaws
      • Why: Bylaws are pretty much done but I'm fairly sure most members haven't paid much attention to them. I'd like us to let everyone know they're ready and get some feedback so we'll have consensus on getting them adopted.
      • Who: Steering committee
      • Solution: show up at next meeting (apr 7) to summarize them and answer any questions members have
  • Hold election for board of directors
    • Problem: The directors specified on incorporation docs were intended as spaceholders until we elected real ones
      • Why: Members need a say in who runs the group once as it becomes autonomous
      • Who: Steering committee
      • Solution: Explain the election and ask for nominations as next members meetings (apr 7) and online. One week later (unless someone thinks that's not enough time?) we take a vote and elect 5 board members

Old business

New business



Note: draft version of meeting minutes go to the Talk Page first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the normal page.