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I'm thinking SFD 2013 should focus on privacy, security, and civic hacking due to recent NSA news and this year's first crack at having DFW take part in the day of civic hacking. steevithak (talk) 23:51, 17 June 2013 (CDT)


Talk/Demo Ideas

  • talk on NSA Prism capabilities and how free software can protect your privacy (e.g. Prism Break)
  • demonstration of the Onion Pi (portable instant TOR router based on Raspberry Pi)
  • demonstrations of email encryption/decryption using GnuPG
  • demonstration using fuse-encfs / gnome-encfs to encrypt storage space on Google drive / Dropbox
  • other related stuff?
  • talk/demo on current state of the FreedomBox project
  • android development using open source tools
  • open source alternatives to the proprietary cloud (FreedomBox?)
  • does using the cloud endangers your freedom (FreedomBox again?)
  • collaboration with DMS camera group
    • Coordinate to make sure we have photos/video of event
    • Shoot a time lapse of event with a camera running MagicLantern or CHDK
    • Talk/demo - MagicLanter/CHDK
    • Talk/demo - professional workflow using UFRaw, GIMP, and gthumb

Confirmed Talks

  • National Day of Civic Hacking in DFW - Randall Arnold (Texrat)
  • Blender: Free Software for 3D modelling - Eric Chaney
  • Introduction to Bitcoin - Andrew LeCody
  • FrameMaker to Libre Office - David Cumming
  • Drupal - David Hahn
  • Perl 6 on a JVM - Patrick R. Michaud (cancelled)

ToDo List

  • Create SFD wiki page for event
  • Register on SFD event map
  • send a ping to the the DMS PR list
  • Get PR team onboard with a blog post, FB, Twitter, and G+ posts prior to event
  • Create Facebook, meetup, G+ event pages
  • Add to DMS calendar
  • Make list of the usual suspects to contact (user groups, fedora/ubuntu reps)
  • contact David Duncan about being our Fedora rep status: contacted
  • contact David Mandala about being Ubuntu GNU/Linux rep
  • contact local media know
    • Cali / GeekBeat TV status: Cali is out of town Sep.21 but will make a special segment for her show on Software Freedom that mentions our event. She'll run it a couple of weeks ahead of time to direct people to DMS SFD.
    • Send Cali @ GeekBeat talk summaries no later than Aug 15!
    • Dallas Observer
    • Pegasus News
    • Reddit dallas
  • Order swag asap
    • SFD swag status: request sent, acknowledged, received
    • Creative Commons status: request sent, acknowledged, received
    • Free Software Foundation status: request sent, acknowledged, received
    • Electronic Freedom Foundation status: request sent
    • Fedora
  • Get word out to DFW user groups