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Work Schedule

  • Peter Smith: (Fedora experience)
  • Steve Rainwater: 11am-7pm (Ubuntu experience)
  • Cam Cairns: 11am-7pm (Ubuntu experience)
  • Jason Henriksen: 11am - 3pm
  • Ian Lim - part of the day

Ideas / Notes

Dallas Green Festival - this event is the same day as ours from 9am - 2pm and will probably attract some of the same crowd. We should plan for afternoon/evening to allow people to hit both events if they want.

  • Drinks
    • How about providing soft drinks? we can either charge or offer a tip jar
    • bags of ice
    • cups
    • soft drinks

ToDo List

  • Need to make sure we have a projector ready (maybe Paul?)
  • Set up our team at SFD Wiki and Location map
  • Arrange official support swag (e.g. Ubuntu CDs and SFD stuff)
  • Contact FSF to see if we can get FSF swag this year
    • Our FSF contact is freedeb (aka Deborah Nicholson)
  • Contact RedHat to see if they'll provide any CDs or swag
  • send email to DFW Perl Mongers list
  • Line up whatever talks, demos, entertainment we can get
  • Set location
  • Notify local user groups and special interest groups
  • Notify University groups
  • Announce where ever possible
  • Steal underpants
  •  ?
  • Profit!

Presentation Ideas

  • Apache Lamp
  • Blender (free software graphics program)
  • Computer security (why free software is secure)
  • DFWFreeNet presentation (DFWFreeNet)
  • Drupal Open Source Content Management Software
  • ease of installation of GNU/Linux vs Windows on same hardware
  • Fedora GNU/Linux
    • Fedora Ambassadors
    • DFW Fedora Ambassador
    • Jul 26: talked to inode0 on fedora irc, he passed request to internal list
    • Jul 27: Adam Miller of Huntsville, TX may be able to help
    • Jul 27: David Duncan of Austin, TX may be able to help
    • Aug 24: talked to inode0 again, added our event to Fedora Event wiki
    • Aug 24: email Adam and David again, re-requested help getting Fedora swag
    • Sep 13: send a final reminder re-re-requesting Fedora swag...
  • free alternatives to commonly used proprietary software
  • GNU/Linux in general
    • NTLUG
      • Jul 27: Patrick R. Michaud let us know NTLUG meeting is on SFD
      • I've had no luck trying to contact these groups. Can't find an email address and have gotten no response in IRC. If anyone knows a way of contacting them, please make them aware of this event and ask them to contact us.
      • Announcement emailed to discussion list PeterS 15:33, 13 September 2010 (CDT)
    • FWLUG
      • Making an account on their discussion list in order to announce. PeterS 16:09, 13 September 2010 (CDT)
  • HP
    • Jul 28: Paul Bouchier can speak on HP's use of free software for server management
  • OpenSolaris, or other Non-GNU/Linux Unix topics
    • DFWUUG
    • Jul 28: emailed DFWUUG
  • Open Source
  • Perl
    • DFW Perl Mongers
    • Jul 26: email sent to mailing list requesting participation
    • Jul 27: Nick Perez can do a short talk
    • Jul 27: Patrick R. Michaud can do a short talk
    • Sep 13: Sent reminder
  • PHP
    • DallasPHP
    • Sep 13: contacted DallasPHP group via
  • Python
    • Dallas Fort Worth Pythoneers
    • Jul 28: email sent to DFW Pythoneers meetup admin
    • Jul 28: Brad Allen forwarded our request to their mailing list
    • Sep 13: Send reminder
  • Robotics and free software
  • Ruby
  • Smart Phone freedom comparison
  • What is free software, how is different from open source, proprietary sw, etc.