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Regular Member Meeting 20111013
20:57 Andrew L beginning meeting.
20:58 John Haskins, Treasurer report
21:03 Andrew LeCody  Moving on to agenda items
21:06 discussion about power outlets item, "Problem: We don't have enough power outlets in the warehouse "
21:09 a show of hands, the majority would like to spend the $150 for Solution 1.
21:10 "Bio room needs some protective equipment and storage "
21:13 Discussion about storage in general, and re-occuring costs
21:16 "We need a projector for the classroom. "
Paul Wilson did some research for the projector, just for some rough numbers.
21:21 Complete with agenda
Doug Emes, wants to start a gaming group
- gaming tables
- maybe introductions to other gaming systems

Lance (21:23)
Appliances in the kitchen. Need long flexible drill bit

21:25 Shona
Christmas time, thinking about a white elephant christmas party.  Space oriented items, maybe a cap on the cost.
Is anyone interested.
Probably early in December.

21:26 David R.
showing off lab equipment, suits.  "Jeffrey brought them"

21:28 Reminder about open house coming up.  Every Saturday is a work day.  Sunday is too.  This weekend IS THE LOUNGE WORK DAY.  Have to paint, touch up the hallway, scraping, paint in the classroom.  Need more help.

21:31 End of meeting.