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Raw meeting minutes:

20100617 1908 1914 Ed starting meeting Makerbot re-assembly/fixing Ice tube clock R2 popup bit talk about the space

1680 sft
*need to sign lease, extinguisher, elect, inet 
* move-in date is July 1st


fundraiser was good
one thing we dont have is the positive cash flow if you are signed up please turn on the recurring payments


getting items for the space
some stored at probotics
some at peoples' homes
need to do any work prior?
suggest we don't worry about it until the 1st meeting there
they will clean the carpets


there's already a gigantic walk-in closet behind the main area; would make a great dark room, etc, it might have to go away.
front offices are all air-conditioned
the warehouse is not
we'll need to get some fans


end of intro stuff


still going

Attendees Alan H Mark H Glenn P Eric C Jason G new Dale Wheat Ed P Haley Peter S Oguz searched for makerspace dallas