Tabletop Gaming Meeting Minutes 8/20/19

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Talked about the direction we wanted to go as a SIG, storage options and need for a parent Committee for that to happen, and categorized interests. SIG Meetings will be held Once a Month going forward.

Next Meeting tentatively scheduled for Tuesday September 17th.

Attendance: 16

Signed up on calendar: 17

First major thing discussed was the need for a parent committee to get ‘floor space storage.’ It was recommended by a few parties to fall under Education. Doug, Mark, and Joe will look into making that happen. We already have at least 3 people willing to donate games, terrain, play mats, trading cards, and more. A few more people even suggested going in on purchasing one of the rolling lockers to match the ones in Creative Arts for Tabletop SIG use.

Second item was the question: ‘what do you want to get out of this SIG?’

  • Community
  • Need More DM’s
  • Terrain and Visual Aids
  • Building an RPG Table
  • Building Sand tables for Sci-Fi terrain (Doug said he was willing to teach this at some point)
  • Board Game Days!

Third item was a suggestion of a wear and tear clause. How do we get rid of games that may be worn through, or get rid of games that are still functional, but not needed at the space? A follow up suggestion was a sorting system that actively tracks the least used games based on a ‘place any recently used item at the top of the stack, and anything at the bottom is the least used’ style system. Another item discussed was a digital resource list, and a google drive through the DMS drive to host open source documents that can be easily found by anyone looking for more information or gaming resources. This would be for open source/free items only, not purchased personal items like PDFs of game books, etc.

Digital Resources:

Building a repository of information digitally would include:

Initial Class ideas

Note - These are not finite, but an early draft of ideas. General:

  • Game Day (board games, bring your own and play/play games others brought.)
  • RPG 1-Shot (limited seats 1-shot module that a DM/GM wants to run.)
  • Card Game Day (Magic or Pokemon, get people interested in the game to learn/play)
  • Specific Game (You really want to play one game (for example Catan) But need players. This could be open or limited seats.)

RPG Specific

  • (RPG Name) 100 - Intro to Terrain/Visual Aids for RPGs
  • (RPG Name) 101 - Building a Character
  • (RPG Name) 102 - Learning to Play
  • (RPG Name) 200 - Learning to DM/GM or DM/GM Basics


  • RPG’s 101 - Painting a Mini
  • RPG’s 102 - Making Simple Terrain or Visual Aids (Could also go over common materials/uses and techniques)
  • RPG’s 102.5 - Casting Simple Parts for Terrain/Visual Aids
  • RPG’s 103 - Printing a Mini or RPG Accessory
  • RPG’s 104 - Making Complex Terrain

Other suggestions in no particular order:

  • Improv for gaming class/workshop
  • How to tell a story/story telling for games class/workshop
  • Funny voices for GM’s class/workshop
  • Tabletop Drop Down/Sorting ability on the calendar (Doug said this will be doable,

and that we have the resources to make it happen.)

  • Staged/Recorded Character Building and Gameplay for people interested in learning the games
  • Daniel wants to run a Halloween 1-Shot RPG that would have limited seats and a cover charge due to food and immersion costs/decor/planning.

Interest in specific categories of tabletops

  • 14 of 16 people at the meeting interested in Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG’s
  • 14 of 16 people at the meeting interested in Board Games
  • 14 of 16 people at the meeting interested in Building Terrain/Visual Aids
  • 4 of 16 people at the meeting interested in Trading Card Games (Magic, Pokemon, etc.)

Next Meeting

Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday October 15th.