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A screen printing press is a machine used by professional printers to print multiple copies of the screen design on garments in an efficient manner. The machine will be based on the following design: Four Color Screen Printing Press Plans

Screen printing machine built by Emily Owen


  • [01/09/12] Paul Brown purchased the following "B. Full Hardware Kit" from: Hardware Kit Store
  • [2014] The MakerSpace purchased a 4 station press.


  • Purchase lumber
  • Cut lumber
  • Assemble machine
  • Obtain inks, photo-sensitive emulsion, squeegee, and screens
  • Obtain blank T-Shirts


  • How will we be getting screens and ink?
    • "I've got multiple screens and a fair bit of ink at home, used to manage a screening shop back in the day." -Dillon S
    • A company called Speedball sells fairly inexpensive kits.
  • Why do we want a screen printing press with more than one color?
  • How will we fund for this project?
    • Selling T-Shirts to DMS members?
  • Can we 3d print any of the parts of the printing press?
  • Can we utilize the lasercutter to easily cut designs?
    • Maybe we can cut stencils with the lasercutter and not need to worry about the photo-sensitive emulsion?
  • Where will we put it?
  • Where will we get the lumber?
  • Where is the best place to get blank T-Shirts?

Shirt Ideas