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Dillon Starns


I break music as much as I break everything else. Why not? Just disassemble everything you didn't assemble yourself.


  • Lockpicking
  • Info security
  • Physical security
  • Social engineering
  • Dumpster Diving
  • CB, HAM, scanners
  • DIY Electronics/mods
  • Arduino
  • Audio engineering/processing (Not the legit kind, the studio kind)
  • Making music
  • Music in general (where the punks at?)
  • Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Dulcimer, Bass, Drums, Uke, Accordion
  • Photography
  • Hacks/hacking (go figure)
  • Linux
  • Open Source
  • Graffitti
  • Art
  • Travel



  • Breathalyzer Glass


In the works and of my own design:

  • This American Life-a-tron 5000
    • A perfect way to turn any overarching statement of any feeling or idea or thought into a genuine This American Life introduction on the spot
  • TV-B-Gone-a-tron 5000
    • Massively beefed up TV-B-Gone that is easily concealed, awesomely activated, and modular (sort of)
  • Lockpicking practice station/challenge/gauntlet
    • Self explanatory?


Completed lately from kits: 

  • Super TV-B-Gone
  • WiseClock 3
  • PS/2/You
  • IR Blocker

(I'll add some links later)


I'm always down to make music with anyone, anything from grind to jazz.