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The lease at our current building is coming to an end soon, so the Dallas Makerspace is looking to move to a place that will fit our growth over the past 3 years and will accommodate future growth. This page will be used to document potential locations for the new space.



  • We're currently working with a real estate broker (named Corby Hodgkiss from Mercer Company). We've signed a contract to give him exclusive rights to negotiate on our behalf. We encourage you to help us with the search, but it would violate our contract if you contacted any of the listing owners on our behalf.
  • When you see NNN (triple net) after the price, that means the "tenant or lessee agrees to pay all real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance (the three Nets)". Corby said that can easily tack on an extra $1.50 per sq ft per year (depending on the size and location of course).

Requirements (up for debate, framework taken from previous space search)

These requirements are based on the Draft of Structured Requirements For New Space Searches.



  • We're looking for "Flex" space. Like our current space, Flex Space is a "flexible configuration of office or showroom space combined with, for example, manufacturing, laboratory, warehouse, distribution." [1]


  • Currently we spend $3.84 per sq ft per year (total of $2,000 per month) on rent.
  • Check out current financials for an idea about what we can afford:
    • We currently have about $4k a month in regular expenses. Those regular expenses include rent and utilities, basically the cost to run an empty space is $4k.
    • We had $15,600 in monthly revenue from membership dues in the month of March. Paul Brown expects this to be up to $18-20k by the time our lease expires in July.


  • At least ~15,000 sq. ft. total
    • Currently, we have 6,251 sq. ft. total.
    • At our current size, we could easily use 12,000 sq ft immediately. We're growing at a rate of ~30 members a month and we need to be thinking about growth over the next 3 years too.
  • At least 5,000 sq. ft. of air conditioned space, but preferably more.
    • As much air conditioned space as possible. Office space is more valuable to us. Especially during the Summer.
    • Currently, we have 3,484 sq. ft. of air conditioned space, but unfortunately no rooms larger than 14' x 25'.
  • At least 5,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space.
    • Currently, we have 2,712 sq. ft. of warehouse space.


  • Rooms suitable for meetings, lectures, and classes
    • One room needs to be especially large (more than 25' x 25') for large meetings.
    • Large classrooms rooms can also be filled with tables so the area can be utilized as community workspace when they're not being used for public events.
  • Warehouse-like work area for larger power tools and storage
  • Garage door and the ability to get a vehicle inside the warehouse easily
    • In the absence of a ground level ramp, we would need to purchase a ramp for around $6.5k.
  • At least one smaller, private meeting room for 10 people
  • Kitchen (room with a sink and a counter), oven preferable


  • Sufficient nearby parking for 30+ cars after 6pm


  • Several 220V and possibly 480V power outlets for large tools and welders.
  • Needs to be wired for 3 phase power for HAAS mill, lathe and other large equipment.


  • They need to allow us to sign the lease in the name of DMS rather than having members/directors personally signing the lease.

Nice To Have

  • Within walking distance of a DART rail station
  • Air conditioned room with access to external ventilation, for the laser cutter
  • Small room with a wet wall, preferably one that backs up to a sink on the other side, for a dark room
  • Nearby hardware store
  • Nearby convenience store and restaurants
  • Outdoor space, a "backyard"


Search Tools

  • Loop Net has a pretty good search engine and a fair number of listings.


  • This spreadsheet compiles the information below into a single view for reference and comparison:
Google Spreadsheet - DMS New Space Search 2014


Add places you find below in the following format

Example post #1 : 2995 Ladybird Lane

  • $1100 / 4042ft²(2995 Ladybird Lane, Dallas) Google Map
  • $0.27/sqft/month or $3.26/sqft/year Industrial Gross (IG)
  • 3-5 year lease
  • 2,152 Sq. Ft. A/C Office Space.
  • 3-Pvt. Off., Recept. Area, General Off., Coffee Area, Work Room, 2-Rest Rooms. Carpet in offices. Warehouse has gas heat and fluorescent lights. 6-Car Parking, 1-Truck GRADE LEVEL
  • File:04042-2995 Ladybird.pdf Floor plan
  • Link to listing of the space
  • Photos
  • AT&T business DSL available at $25 per month 6 Mbps down/768 kbps up

Example post #2 : 9983 Monroe

PDF: Floor Plan PDF

  • $900 / 2209 ft²
  • $4.88/sqft/year
  • 1.5 year lease
  • 1,475 ft² of office space
  • 734 ft² of warehouse space


12801 N Stemmons Freeway Suite 710

Sales PDF

Farmers Branch

Price: $6.75/SF Net* + Expenses $2.80/SF or $5.50/sq/year in rent + $2.80/sf/year in expenses

NAI Robert Lynn Industrial( 14,200 sf

  • Flex Office/showroom/production space with I-35E frontage.
  • 4:1000 parking. Expandable to 20,505 SF. Divisible to 5,000 SF.
  • Near 635 & 35E

1628 W Crosby Rd


Sales PDF


  • 20,613 sqft total
  • 5,424 sqft office space

Rent: $4.25/sqft lease (NNN)


  • 2 dock high doors
  • 1 dock high door with ramp
  • 1986 construction

2608 Perth


Sales PDF

Square Footage:

  • 24,262 SF Total
  • 9,423 Warehouse
  • 4,045 SF Office
  • 10,794 SF AC Warehouse

Rent: $3.75 per sq ft per year, $7,581 per month


  • includes 2 large production rooms
  • 10,794 SF of HVAC warehouse


  • Warehouse AC needs to be repaired
  • At the end of a cul de sac (i think this is a con due to no drive-by traffic?)

1825 Monetary Lane Suite 104

Monetary lane 104 pic.png

Sales PDF

Monetary lane distance.png

Link To Map

Square Footage:

  • 16,575 SF
  • 7,425 SF Office
  • 9,036 SF A/C Warehouse

Rent: $7.15 PSF/year, $9,875.94 month


  • 100% HVAC
  • No Build-out Required - Great layout with several large meeting rooms (there's one especially large meeting room that could facilitate large meetups at DMS)
  • Great area:
    • Low Crime
    • Across the street from tanner's electronics, and less than 10 minutes from home depot and turner hardware
    • Several nearby food places (only about .5 mi. away) - Subway, Waffle House, Taco Bueno, Redline Burgers, Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box, Grandy's
  • 300M/65M Verizon FiOS Internet
  • Lots of parking available, especially behind the building.
  • The landlord is offering the funds to build a ramp for one of the warehouse docks (so cars can get into the warehouse).


1825 Monetary Lane Suite 102

Monetary lane 102 pic.png

Sales PDF

Link To Map

Square Footage:

  • 19,425 SF
  • 5,810 SF A/C Office
  • 4,447 SF A/C Production
  • 9,186 SF A/C Warehouse


  • 100% HVAC
  • Across the street from tanner's electronics
  • Most likely has FIOS internet


  • This space is currently inhabited. Current tenant may not move out at the end of their lease.
  • The north wall for the "Open Area" on the left in the layout plan was demolished and turned into workshop space.

Rent: $7.15 PSF/year, $11,574.06 month

The current tenant didn't want us taking pictures.

4304 N. Beltwood Parkway


Sales PDF

  • 16k sqft. available space
  • 2 dock doors (1 ramped!)
  • 4000 sqft office space
  • 1 acre land space
  • Alpha Road corridor

4263 Simonton Rd


Sales PDF

  • 10k-28k sqft. available space
  • 5 dock doors (1 ramped!)
  • 3000 sqft office space
  • cheap lease @ $3.50/sqft
  • Alpha Road corridor

1215 Marsh Lane - Marsh Business Park-West - Bldg 3

1215 Marsh.jpg

Sales PDF

Floor Plan

  • Property Type:Industrial
  • Sub Type:Warehouse
  • Year Built:1980
  • Ceiling Height:20'0-22'0
  • Loading Docks:25 ext
  • Rail:-Power:4,000a/277-480v 3p
  • Total Space Avail:24,745 SF
  • Rent/SF/Yr: $5.53 PSF/year, $11,403.32 month
  • Zoning:LI
  • Drive Ins:2 tot.
  • Amenities:A/C, Skylights
  • Had showers in the men's and women's bathroom.
  • Current tenant is moving out in the middle of July. Our lease expires July 1.


4347 Sigma Rd.


Sales PDF

  • 27,000 sqft. (he said he couldn't divide to 20k)
  • $4.50/sqft/year + cost to build office space (amortized)
  • 5000 sqft. office space (not built yet, and the costs would be spread over out 3-5 year lease)
  • industrial flex space
  • 70 parking spaces
  • dock space
  • funky 1960's color scheme
  • located in the Alpha Road corridor
  • Corby's comments: "The space is in shell condition right now. They would build out up to 5,000sf of office for us. We would have to do a longer term lease for these guys. Should be enough parking, because it is a multi-tenant building and a church occupies the other end of the building. Very low clear height"


13655 Welch Rd.

PDF: File:13655 Welch Farmers Branch.PDF

PDF: File:13655 Welch Road.pdf

Square Footage:

  • 20,000 SF total
  • 6,282 sf office area


  • Rent/SF/Yr: $4.50 + .95 (NNN, operating expenses)


  • 2 dock high doors
  • 22 parking spaces
  • T - 5 lights in the warehouse
  • Duplex building (???)
  • Alpha Road corridor

9239 King Arthur Dr

PDF: File:19965-9239 King Arthur Dr.pdf

Square footage:

  • 19,965 total sq ft
  • 3,600 sq ft of air conditioned office
  • 16,365 sq ft of workshop space

Price: $3.18 per sq ft per year, $5,300 per month


  • Florescent lights in warehouse
  • 4 high truck loading docks
  • Fenced outside storage
  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Lawn sprinkler system
  • 16' clear height in warehouse

Build-out required:

  • We need at least one large, auditorium-type room to use as a large classroom, meeting room, and community workspace. We also want to tear down several walls in the existing office space.
  • We would want to build a room larger than our current largest meeting room. Build-out for a 60x40 ft room with 12 ft high walls in a corner of the warehouse would cost at the very minimum:
    • $4500-6000 in material costs for the grid ceiling, walls, and insulation
    • $1500-3000 in labor costs
    • $2500 + installation costs for AC

Pictures/video from visit:

10715 N. Stemmons Fwy


Link To Map

Square footage:

  • 18,624 SF total
  • 3,357 SF of office + 1,864 of air conditioned showroom


  • Asking $4.00 NNN with $1.50 in OPEX - Roughly $8,500/month in rent


  • Tons of parking


10671 N. Stemmons Fwy


Link To Map

Square footage:

  • 20,042 SF total
  • 6,087 SF of office


  • Asking $3.50 NNN with $1.50 in OPEX - Roughly $8700/month in rent


  • Layout is not ideal, we would need to divide the showrooms into classrooms, conference rooms, and workspaces.


8949 Diplomacy

PDF: File:8949 DIPLOMACY ROW.pdf

Square footage:

  • 15,000 Total Sq. Ft.
  • 4,700 Office Sq. Ft
  • 10,300 Warehouse Sq. Ft.

Price: $3.95 per sq ft per year (gross), $4,937/month

Robert toured this space and said the electrical was ancient. He liked the large room, but he said the rest of the office space and the narrow hallway was not ideal. It's still an option.

Needs More Description

1101 venture rd. Addison

Midway and Keller Springs

2281 Midway rd.

Rejected Options

Graystone office Park

Rejection Reason: Not enough space (4,300 SF), too expensive ($6.00 + $2.75 in net expenses).

1205 Venture Court

Sales PDF

Rent: $3.75 / nnn + $0.94/sf in operating expenses

Square footage:

  • 26,650 SF total
  • 3,033 SF office

Rejection Reason: Not enough AC'ed space. This is less AC'ed space than we have now.

2830 Ladybird Lane

2380 Ladybird Lane-1.JPG 2380 Ladybird Lane-2.JPG

Marketing Brochure/Flyer: media:2830_Ladybird_Lane-Marketing_Brochure_Flyer.pdf

SFRent/SF/Yr: Negotiable <-- Available for Lease. (For Sale Price: $685,000 / Price/SF: $37.02)

  • 18,050 Total SF of Flex, will not divide
  • ZONE: LI / Light Manufacturing
  • 3,000 SF office
  • 1 Dock high door
  • 1 Grade level door
  • 14’-16’ Clear height
  • Fenced outside storage
  • Situated on .72 acres (31,363 SF)
  • Year Built: 1965
  • Power: 3p 0w
  • Parking: Free Surface spaces are available
  • Amenities: Fenced Lot

Rejection Reason: Not enough AC'ed space (compared to better priced alternatives). This is less AC'ed space than we have now.

1536 Hutton Dr


Sales PDF

  • 23,500 sqft available
  • 2,800 sqft office
  • $4.50/sqft lease (NNN)
  • available immediately
  • 5 dock high doors (any w/ramps?)
  • 1998 construction

Rejection Reason: Not enough AC'ed space (compared to better priced alternatives). This is less AC'ed space than we have now.

13777 Bee St


Sales PDF

  • 18,147 sqft available
  • $4.75/sqft lease (gross)
  • available immediately
  • flex/light industrial
  • heavy power
  • large automatic oversize grade level doors
  • 3 dock high doors
  • built 1982 in good condition

Rejection Reason: Not enough AC'ed space (compared to better priced alternatives). 3k sq ft is less AC'ed space than we have now.

2105 Luna

Rejection Reason: Too expensive, $6.50 net w/ $1.89 psf estimated expenses. (24,270*8.39)/12=$17k per month

7410 Ambassador Row

Rejection Reason: "Under Contract" according to Corby. Has already been leased.

11234 Goodnight Lane

Rejection Reason: Owner does not want to lease.

3200 Irving

Rejection Reason: Building is "falling down".

9411 Hargrove Drive


View Sales PDF


Building A square footage:

  • 20,790 Total sF
  • 8,500 sF office

Building A Features:

  • 1 dock/1 ramp
  • 22 parking spaces

Rent: $3.50/sf/year

Rejection Reason: Sold to charter school

4656 Leston


View Sales PDF


Square Footage:

  • 14,470 to 20,310 Total SF


  • 100% AC production space

Rent: $3.95 + $1.00 psf, ($8,377 per month for 20,310 sq ft) or ($5,728 for 14,470 sq ft)

Rejection Reason: Strict national credit requirements. They will not lease to us according to Corby.

11937 Denton Drive - Suite B

Denton drive.png

View Sales PDF


Square Footage:

  • 20,025 Total SF
  • 6,420 SF A/C Production Area
  • 4,100 SF Office

Rent: $3.50 psf, $5,840/month

Rejection Reason: Leased

2454 Glenda Lane

2454 Glenda Lane-2.JPG 2454 Glenda Lane-1.JPG 2454 Glenda Lane-Floor Plan.JPG 2454 Glenda Lane-Map.PNG

Marketing Brochure/Flyer:media:2454_Glenda_Lane-Marketing_Brochure_Flyer.pdf

  • Building SF: 14,080 SF
  • Office Size: 4,500 SF
  • According to the attached Floor Plan (see above), there is mezzanine space in the building.
  • Clear Height: 14’ to 16’
  • Drive Ins: 7 Total Grade Level Doors (10' w x 12' h)
  • Loading Docks: No
  • Year of Construction: 1992
  • Land Area: 1.35 acres (58,806 SF)
  • Property Type: FlexSub
  • Type: Light Distribution
  • Zoning: “IR” Dallas
  • Parking: Free Surface spaces are available
  • Amenities: Fenced/Paved Outside Storage
  • Easy Access to I-35E and I-635 LBJ Freeway
  • Sale Price: $895,000 ($63.56 PSF) - Lease Rate: TBD
  • Rent/SF/Yr: Negotiable
  • Rent/Yr: Negotiable
  • Occupancy: Vacant
  • Type: Direct
  • Term: Negotiable

Rejection Reason: Too small. Less than 15k sq ft will not be enough space for more than a year's growth. Especially if it has the same amount of office space we have now.

11120 Grader Street

11120 Grader Street.jpg



Square footage:

  • 22,618 sq ft total
  • 2,028 "mezzanine" office sq ft + regular office 6,654 sq ft
  • 13,936 sq ft warehouse
  • Several large rooms in layout

Rent: $4.15 per sqft / year


  • Air conditioned warehouse
  • Fully sprinklered
  • 3 High Dock Doors
  • 1 Edge of Dock Leveler

Rejection Reason: Too far away. It's in Garland.

14271-14277 Welch Road - Metropolitan II

  • Property Type:Industrial
  • Sub Type:Warehouse
  • Year Built:1977
  • Ceiling Height:24'0
  • Loading Docks:16 ext
  • Smallest Space:18,240 SF
  • Total Space Avail:18,240 SF
  • Rent/SF/Yr:Negotiable (typically $4-ish in this area)
  • Zoning:LI
  • Parking:Free Surface spaces are available

Rejection Reason: Corby says only suite available is for dead storage. No office.

2926 Congressman (Wiley Brothers)

PDF: File:09810-2926 Congressman.pdf

Square footage:

  • 9,810 sq ft total
  • 1,000 sq ft of office space

Price: $3.90 per sq ft per year, $3,250 per month


  • Fully air conditioned warehouse
  • 15 parking spaces
  • 12 ft tall ceilings in warehouse
  • 3 truck loading doors
  • Warehouse ventilated with exhaust fans
  • Just a few hundred feet away from our current location
  • 4 bathrooms total

Rejection Reason: Less than 15k sq ft, not large enough to facilitate growth over the next 3 years.

2945 Congressman (Wiley Brothers)

PDF: File:10008 2945 Congressman.pdf

Square footage:

  • 10,008 square feet total
  • 7k sq ft of air conditioned space
  • 1,634 sq ft of office space

Price: $4.80 per sq ft per year, $4000 per month


  • Warehouse has exhaust fans
  • Warehouse has heat
  • 18 parking spaces
  • 2 Truck Loading Docks
  • Room with sink, counter, and cabinet
  • Just a few hundred feet away from our current location
  • 3 Bathrooms

Rejection Reason: Less than 15k sq ft, not large enough to facilitate growth over the next 3 years.

2119 Farrington

PDF: File:2119 Farrington.PDF

Size: 13,380 Total SF

Price: $4 per sq ft per year


  • 14’ clear height
  • 2 Dock high doors
  • Showroom with skylights


  • Location - about 15 minutes south of the current location

Rejection Reason: Too far away and not large enough to facilitate growth over the next 3 years (less than 15k sq ft).

1001 Union Bower - Suite 100

PDF: File:1001 union bower.pdf


  • Total: 12,421 sq ft
  • 3,000 sq ft of office
  • 9,421 sq ft of warehouse

Price: ?


  • 4 dock high doors
  • heavy power
  • sprinklered
  • Agent = Corby Hodgkiss

Rejection Reason: Less than 15k sq ft, not large enough to facilitate growth over the next 3 years.

10460 Shady Trail - Suite 102

PDF: File:Lombardyfloorplan.pdf

Price: $4.50 per sq ft per year

Square footage:

  • Total: 13,041 SF
  • Office: 4,602 SF
  • Warehouse: 8,439 SF

Rejection Reason: Less than 15k sq ft, not large enough to facilitate growth over the next 3 years.

3236 Garden Brook Dr - Suite 3236

PDF: File:DMS Space - 3236 Garden Brook Drive, Farmers' Branch.pdf

Square footage:

  • 13,400 total
  • 2,730 office

Price: $3.75/ft²/yr


  • 2 dock high doors
  • 1 ramp

Rejection Reason: Already leased according to Corby.

10790 N. Stemmons Fwy

PDF: File:DMS Space - 10790 N. Stemmons Fwy, Dallas.pdf

Price: ?

Square footage: 12,656 Total SF Available


  • 2,500 SF of Office
  • Recently Renovated
  • 22’ Clear Height
  • 100% A/C
  • "Heavy Power"
  • (1) 10x10 OH Door
  • (1) 10x10 OH Door w/ Ramp
  • Easy Access to Major Thoroughfare
  • Professionally Landscaped
  • Security Lighting
  • Ample Parking
  • Kitchen/Break Room Area
  • End Cap Space

Rejection Reason: Less than 15k sq ft, not large enough to facilitate growth over the next 3 years.

12801 N. Stemmons Fwy

Valley View Tech Center II & III
12801 N. Stemmons Freeway
Farmers Branch TX 75234 [2]

  • Type: Industrial / Warehouse
  • Year Built: 1982
  • Min Divisible To: 5,000 sqft
  • Max Contiguous: 20,505 sqft

The property is listed at $5.50/sq. ft. and is near the geographic center of the member map. They might go cheaper, as the majority of the complex is vacant.
This location is less than 1/2 mile from the Farmers Branch DART Rail station... about the same distance that the current space is from DART Rail. There are a variety of restaurants within a couple of miles of the location. Turners Hardware and Salvation Army Thrift Store are less than 2 miles away at Josey and Valley View.
This is 3 buildings down from where Nick's office is for Multiforms. Another local highlight is that Tanner's Electronics is just down the street. As well as Marshall's BBQ. [3]

Rejection Reason: Corby says they only have 14k sf available and it looks like they would have to demo back some office space to give us enough warehouse.

4119 Billy Mitchell Drive

Sales PDF

Addison, TX 75001 Google Map

Square footage: 10,175 SF

Price: $5.00 per sq ft per year

Property Features

  • + 2,400 SF Office
  • + 18’ Clear Height
  • 2 Dock High Doors (1 Ramped)
  • All Air-Conditioned
  • Heavy Power
  • + 11 Car Parks

Rejection Reason: Too expensive and not large enough to facilitate growth over the next 3 years (less than 15k sq ft).

1825 Monetary Lane

Sales PDF: Valwood Centre I

Carrollton, TX 75006 Google Map

Leasing Company: CBRE

Price: $5.50 /SF/Year

Square footage: 10,200 SF


  • $1.65/OPEX
  • 3,161 sf office
  • 14-1/2" clear height
  • Dock loading - 1 w/ leveler
  • Ramp
  • Column spacing 41'Wx40'D
  • 100% HVAC
  • Pin-weld insulation in warehouse
  • End cap space

Rejection Reason: Too expensive and not large enough to facilitate growth over the next 3 years (less than 15k sq ft).

Dentwood Shopping Center

Located at 5515 Denton Drive, to the east of Inwood Road and bounded by Denton Drive and Denton Drive Cutoff. Mapsco 34-U. Several key tenants are Elliott's Hardware and Herrera's.

Shopping Center site map: [4] Management Company: RP Texas [5]


  • 14,926 sq. feet
  • Open floorplan
  • 100% A/C
  • Directly across street from Inwood/Love Field DART Rail Station
  • Abundant parking
  • End cap space

Rejection Reason: Too expensive, this is a retail rate. $10/sf/NNN

2122 Country Club

This is a NNN lease, Corby estimates the lease will cost ~$5.50

  • Property Type: Industrial
  • Smallest Space: 10,375 SF
  • Year Built: 1986
  • Largest Space: 14,994 SF
  • Land Area: 5.08 AC (221,285 SF)
  • Rent/SF/Yr: $4.00
  • Ceiling Height: 18'0-20'0
  • Loading Docks: 11 ext
  • Drive Ins: 5 tot./10'0w x 12'0h
  • Parking: Ample

Google Map

Located at the northeast corner of Josey Ln & Belt Line Rd in Carrollton. I don't know any specific details on the property, but do know it's in close proximity to several restaurants such as El Pollo Regio, KFC, Old House BBQ, and many restaurants in the shopping complex on the NE corner of Josey & Belt Line. Also Cafe Brazil is 2 miles up Josey Ln and many bars & restaurants in Addison are about the same distance east on Belt Line. It's not far from Tanner's, Turner's, and Marshall's BBQ.

Rejection Reason: Only 14k sf with only 2k sf of office. Not enough room to facilitate growth. Also, expensive.

Old Albertsons - 2710 E Trinity Mills RD

52,688 sq ft 214.526.6262

3227 skylane drive (Retail space @ $7.50)

3222 skylane drive

3220 commander (11,328 SF @ $5.96 /SF/Year)

Rejection Reason: Retail space, too expensive.

101 S Coit Rd Richardson Tx 75080

PDF: File:Dal-Rich Village Flier.pdf PDF #2: media: 101_S_coit_Rd.pdf

Square Footage:

  • one 12,962 SF
  • one 24031 SF
  • one 25000 SF


  • Rent/SF/Yr: $3.64 / nnn
  • This is a NNN lease, it will cost more than the stated $3.64

Features: Easy access to 75 (1 mile E on Belt line) Easy access to 635 (3 mile S on Coit) Lot of parking Well Lit Starbucks across st. Restaurants close by---4 in same location: Jason's Deli,McDonals, Little Caesars,Big Shucks

Rejection Reason: The operating expenses make this building $7.50/sf, very very expensive. (24,031*7.50)/12=15k per month