Education Committee Meeting Template

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Calendar Event

[Replace 12345 with the actual calendar event and describe it here as YYYYMMDD and Education Committee Meeting]

Talk Thread

[Education Committee Subsection of Talk


In Person:

  • First Last
  • Also Him
  • And Her
  • Maybe Them


Time	Note
hh:mm   start meeting
HH:mm   description
hh:mm   more information
hh:mm   discussion, etc
17:25   End Meeting

Vote Actions

  1. short label - longer description, end with a break return as shown here
  2. second item in the list
  3. as you can see a pound side gives you an additional line item

vote unanimous/majority/uncontested for items x,y,z

Vote Count

Vote Tally: Abstain: 0 For: 0 Against: 0