Education Committee Meeting 20191220

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Calendar Event

[20191220 Education Committee Meeting]

Talk Thread

[Education Committee Meeting December 20th 6pm


In Person:

  • Julie
  • Judy
  • Doug
  • Jen
  • Lara (remote)
  • Fred
  • Kendra
  • Cairenn


open at 6pm
get trainnig for admin side of calendar. Lara, Doug
HA's: concern of classes on eventbrite filling up an area
submit board action to solidfy HA list to BoD
prevetted courses, could they be forced through?
concept for having sub 6 day window for the drop down courses.
(for the emergent, 101 / required / another teacher cant, push it a day)
suggest to cairenn go ahead and submit all classes as HA, since Finance will cut off at 3.
remind folks to put down the committee they want the stipend to go towards.
put togther table listing.
concerning chairs and tables to be disposed.
order more stackers.
stackable chairs are all missing nylon spacers/floaters/glides
suggest 2 stripe color to designate classroom.
president wants 1 tv  to move to orange, 1 to move to north lobby.
black out drapes. (for n. lobby) and orange
kris wong.  CC bring up:  laser team wants film all of the classroom stuff.
review resource.
bullseye predominant class supplier / manuf.
little 1 minute videos for: what does this machine do.
thursday night out for tour night. 26th 2nd
carienn to find videos for JSM
kendra to bring committee list.
judy to provide room layout 
president to have dominion over north lobby.
- art for display for art/ceramics/blurb of class/etc.
project style classes.  got art from shay/sue/etc.
kendra ask:  finding out who all the teachers are.
talk / ad group for actual teachers.
request from infra regarding polls, wish list, class requests.
make a teacher list / ad / talk group.
close at 7:15pm

Vote Actions

  1. No votes held during meeting, President asked us to firm up some lists 1st