Education Committee Meeting 20191102

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This is a cursory wiki entry to facilitate meeting minutes and attendance for the November 2 2019 meeting.

Calendar Event

20191102 Education Committee Meeting

Talk Thread

November meeting talk post


Holly, Art, Doug, Freddy, Judy, Patrick will be wiki'tizing names to link to talk profiles etc later today.

Agenda Items for Committee

  1. N/A


5:03 - called to order, introductions
5:05 - descriptions of what we are, what we are to do
5:12 - discussion regarding delineations in committee
	(example, digital media for their physical resources - cameras, etc.)
5:15 - discussed initial "standard" room configurations for each of the classrooms	
        (as in quantity and type of chairs, tables, screens, etc)
5:17 - Salient point made by the attendees: don’t leave the room after your class/event
        without confirming it is correct, back to standard
5:25 - what we want to do (not take the rooms, not take resources but empower the other committees
5:26 - request for code in the calendar, features needed
5:30 - disccussion of flipping the classroom, having online courses.
	We don’t have complete control of our environment, it is all
	Volunteer, there is no 100% expectation of tools, usage, room
	Reservation, etc.
5:40 - explanation of doug's mid and long term design for courses
5:50 - discussion of certain committee's and their ability/inability to hold courses in situ
       (Example, monitor in elab, tables arent ready, hoping to be there in 6 months
6:15 - discussing of software platforms in use, backlinks, differences between calendar, talk, wiki, main blog
6:30 - demo of articulate. initial wifi issues, finally worked.
7:00 - close official meeting, but continue to have lively chat

Vote Actions


Action Items

Doug to present agenda item to board to purchase additional tables, 1 large tv screen, usb dock station,

and articulate software license(s).