Education Committee Meeting 20190707

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Calendar Event

[20190707 Education Committee Meeting]

Talk Thread

[Education Committee Subsection of Talk


In Person:

  • Doug Emes
  • John A Gorman
  • Ciarenn Day
  • Robyn Butler
  • Stan Simmons


Time	Note
16:00   delay 5 minutes
16:05   John discus high level overview of the three sections:
        Calendar Software
        Teach development
16:10   Orange/Purple classroom for light/heat block, north lobby classroom needs blackout curtains
16:13   Naming of classrooms
        taking submissions, suggestions including inventors' names.
        ensure the font is easy to read, clarity for dyslexia, possibly braile
16:25   wet room and former CA, with regards to the columns, possibly making them bare for less eye obstruction
        tables, possibly chairs, some kind of monitor, some wire shelves (rolling)
        north lobby, continue to test out the short throw projector
        north lobby, found a roll down screen:  120 inch roughly
        north lobby, black out curtains. must retain the fire retardation label.
        north conference room, for now stays the same
16:40   Re-iterate the need for surveys post class.
17:00   vote on curtains and extension outlets, screens, adapters see below
17:10   brought up phones in classrooms, very excited for them
17:15   discussion regarding "flipping the classroom"
        pre-recorded lectures, online Q&A and testing, etc. re review months down the road
17:25   End Meeting

Vote Actions

1)Black Out Curtains - Robyn tasked with providing exact list and parts. budget $800 for purple and north lobby
2)Tripp Lite TLM825SA - 25ft 8 outlet, safety yellow, recommend qty 5: 1 lecture, 2 interative, 1 purple, 1 north lobby
stan tasked with getting adapters for 20 amp connectors
3)Reflective 120" Screen for North Lobby, $150 as sourced by Gorman (to include mounting harw)
4) Adapters for HDMI, Display port, VGA adapters to replace shrinkage ($150)

vote unanimous for all four items

Vote Count

Vote Tally: Abstain: 0 For: 5 Against: 0