Education Committee Meeting 20190518

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Calendar Event

[20190518 Education Committee Meeting]

Talk Thread

[Education Committee Meeting & Election


In Person:

  • Doug Emes
  • Dick Stacey
  • Anne Gullett
  • john a gorman
  • Brady Pamplin
  • Robyn Butler
  • Mell Rhodes
  • “Jo” Paden
  • Mike Fedyk
  • Jen Emes
  • Ciarenn Day
  • Peter Alexander
  • Bill Gee
  • Anita Willis
  • Max Kirkland

By Proxy:

  • Steve Wynne
  • Nathan Kirkland
  • John Norine
  • Richard Martin

Registered on calendar event but absent:

  • Kris Anderson
  • Michael Cramer
  • Nancee Heim


Time	Note
17:00	delay 10minutes
17:10	Pull Attendees (See tab)
17:15	ask Bill to provide a summary of whats going on
        do we have a timeframe on the removing the approval for expansion rooms
        question regarding the doors/keys/keypads
        rental space for a room, etc
        classroom facilities / conf room / wet classroom
17:22	Question regarding glass kiln microwaves
17:25	John brought up computer labs / 2 screen / adobe suites
        split old ca room
17:27	“heat” problem in purple and orange
        window film vs drop down shades vs foam insulation (ie pink panther XPS)
        ceiling fans (defer to rich)
        split unit air conditioning
17:35	Calendar during Chair Vice Chair meeting
        software in-house versus commercial
        side by side versus replacement from beginning
17:40	Introduction of candidates
17:41	John Gorman speech
        chairs power strips tables screens etc
        make sure its available
        how do we develop teachers
17:46	Q&A 
17:50   election	
17:55   election results

Vote Count

Vote Tally: Abstain: 0 For Nancee: 2 For John: 20 Carried Proxy count: 4

Confirmation by Board

[Board confirmed Mr. Gorman]