Board of Directors Meeting 20160522

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This meeting will be held in Modified SRC3 format.


Time, location

12:00, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes


Financial Statement

3D Fabrication 3499.89

Amateur Radio 632.51

Automotive 394.2

Blacksmithing 1021.73

Classroom 1481.55

Creative Arts 3742.45

Digital Media 2120.64

Electronics & Robotics 2534.93

Financial 178.85

Fired Arts 557.31

Hatchers 320

Infrastructure 1724.68

Jewelry 718.85

Laser 9898.36

Logistics 1074.83

Machine Shop 2607.26

Metal Shop 11832.63

PR 1056.6

Radio Control 877.06

Science 1752.88

VECTOR 338.67

Wood Shop 2826.26

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.

Any member may edit this wiki page and place an item on the agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via the forums. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the consent agenda items is 48 hours prior to the meeting. Please note, agenda items (Consent, New, or Old) that request spending $250 or more must include a section on "Relevance to our tax exempt purpose".

Purchase PaperCut License (Brooks Scharff)

Problem: Currently, we have no automated way to force members to pay for print jobs (both the shared use printers in the Multipurpose Room and the wide-format printers in Creative Arts). A 40-day free trial has been installed and currently works (but users are not forced to use it). Users can purchase additional credit by emailing [email protected] (we can send them a PayPal link and then manually generate a voucher), OR for an additional $495 we can have Authorize.Net or PayPal integration.

Solution: Allocate $660 to Infrastructure to purchase a PaperCut NG license (license is for 501 to 1000 users). This will allow us to cut down on paper and toner usage, and also track usage down to the user level. Users will continue to have a monthly free print quota for the shared printers.

Relevance: Enforcing pay-per-print will reduce shrinkage to 0%, increasing operational efficiency and member honesty.

Increase Web Hosting Funding (Brooks Scharff)

Problem: Currently, we only allocate $250 to web hosting each month. We spend around $175 each month and are limited in our abilities to grow because of this. We also need to get WHMCS, Talk, and CalendarAdmin moved from DO to AWS. We'd also like to make use of Amazon's RDS offering to offload the various databases (currently hosted inside each VM as-needed) and virtually guarantee uptime.

Solution: Increase monthly allocation for Web Hosting to $500 per month.

Relevance: Keeping DMS' infrastructure uptime high is of utmost importance.

Removal of Director Funds (Finance Committee)

Problem: The Board of Directors currently has a $1000 per month allocation that lets them spend money outside of an official meeting. This creates a bookkeeping nightmare, and is also non-transparent.

Solution: Stop allocating money towards the use of Director Funds, and transfer $200 to Electronics (so Finance can correctly class the invoice).

3d fab binge and purge (Axeonos Robertson)

Problem: in order to create a more unified and more prestine look to 3d fab, new cabnets and storage must be purchased. i would like to look more unified with creative arts, the storage lockers (small) would be perfect for those looking to teach classes and not break their backs trying to lug around expensive and heavy equipment. new table for working on the computer, and a cabnet for display.

Solution: Purchase cabnets for 3d fab $1120- :

2 smaller carts - $ 180, $200 1 larger cart - $ 430 Cabinet - $ 100 work bench - $ 210 the storage fits all of our rolls of filament, and our teachers will be able to roll the carts to the classes without problem.

Relevance: 3d fab is one of the biggest draws to makerspace with the abilities to create and the availability.

Put silkscreen, vinyl and large format printers under the wing of Creative Arts (Nicole Franczvai)

Problem: Large format printer(s) Hp and Epson were looked after and maintained by a member (Steve Reeves) at a loss. CA agreed to take it financially over months ago but logistic has stood in the way. Now we are officially ready to hand over the keys to the box and put out the cash to fix the HP plotter. Silkscreen and vinyl has been carefully tended to by member Pearce Dunlap and he's been kindly putting the honorariums into the CA fund for vinyl. I believe it's time CA takes over organizing and maintaining the vinyl and silk screen areas and classes.

Solution: Oh I'm restating myself here I apologize - put Silkscreen and Vinyl fund under Creative Arts. Disband the two separate funds.

Expulsion of a Member (Erik Smith)

Problem: Over the past several months, a string of thefts has occurred (Multimeters, machine tools, creative arts supplies, 3D fabrication tools). Analysis of video surveillance and RFID records show the thief to be a DMS member - Andrew P. - and also documented numerous thefts from cash boxes using what appears to be a purpose-built tool. Further research yielded Andrew's eBay account where present and recently-completed auctions corresponded with DMS property that had been reported missing. On May 12, Carrollton police executed a search warrant of Andrew's residence, recovered numerous pieces of DMS property in the process, then arrested Andrew for theft.

Solution: Andrew P. is permanently banned from Dallas Maker Space and membership is never to be renewed. If he attempts to enter the facility he is to be reported for trespassing.

Expenses for Hatcher's Firearm Maintenance, Cleaning and Safety Class Program (Nick Sainz)

Problem: Hatcher's is approaching the board for $170 to cover half of the $337 expenses of equipping the committee with initial class amount of Tools and supplies for the Firearms Cleaning, Maintenance, and Safety class Program. The committee is coming to the board for support on this because we are a new committee with limited funds and we see this class structure as an opportunity to set a public example of gun safety and gun handling around DMS. As a committee we are planning on offering at the start 1 class per month and hoping through attendance and growth of the committee to get to the point Bi-Monthly Firearms Maintenance, Cleaning and Safety Classes. We are starting with a open to all class that is targeted to new shooters and common gun types. In the future we hope to be able to support a second more advanced class that tries to help with the specific issues found in more exotic guns. By the board supporting this item, they don't just support the committee today, they support the committee's ability to grow in the future. Here is a link to the spread sheet of items to be purchased:

Solution: Approve $170 to be transferred to Hatcher's Workshop for the purchase of initial tools and supplies for the Maintenance, Cleaning and Safety Class Program.

Purchase a New Surface Planer for Woodshop (Andrew Zalakat)

Problem:The existing Dewalt planer is one of the most frequently and heavily used tools in the Woodshop. It is a consumer-grade tool, and has already broken multiple times requiring warranty repairs, and parts replacement. It is simply not robust enough for the heavy use our members put it through. It needs to be replaced with a much more heavy-duty tool.

Solution: Allocate $4300 for the purchase of a Powermatic 209 Surface Planer. This unit is robust enough to survive in our shop. The Woodshop committee has previously planned for the purchase of this tool, and is in the process of re-working the dust collectoion systems and floorplace in the shop. So the timing is right.

Calendar and Honorarium Request System (Luke Olson, Alex Rhodes, Ken Purcell)

Problem: The existing process for approving honorarium and calendar events was created when there were relatively few classes being taught. Since then the number of classes and honorarium requests have increased drastically. The workload to keep things going has become overwhelming and has driven away key volunteers.

Solution: Allocate $2,000 to Infrastructure to cover software development costs for a customized system that will meet the honorarium approval process and calendar approval process needs of the Dallas Makerspace.

Relevance: Classes and volunteers are vital to the existence of the Dallas Makerspace. In order to retain and attract key volunteers a system is needed that enables volunteers to contribute efficiently and on a reasonable scale. Classes. Classes. Classes.

Replace Stolen Items

Problem: Due to a recent string of thefts, we need to allocate funds to committees so they can replace stolen items.

Solution: Allocate funds as follows:

  • $110 to Infrastructure (laptop chargers)
  • (Other committees add in as needed)

Transfer of Funds from Book Keeper Fund to Finance (Finance Committee)

Problem: The balance for the financial committee is getting low. We are requesting that money be transferred from the Book Keeper Fund to finance to cover administrative items such as filing and administrative supplies, postage, new lock boxes to respond to the recent theft, and sales tax which is traditionally paid out of finance.

Solution: Transfer $1500 from the Book Keeper Fund to the Financial Committee.

Relevance: Maintaining financial records is required by statute. See. TBOC 22.354.

Have the Finance Committee Elect a Chair (Kent Bowling and Allen Wan)

Problem: The Finance Committee doesn't have a committee chair as far as I can tell. In the past, it seemed to be the Treasurer running it as the committee chair, but currently that position is vacant. If the Finance Committee wants to have a budget to buy supplies, there should be someone who ultimately has to give approval like other committees do. Appointing this chair avoids potential ambiguity issues later.

Solution: Appoint Kent Bowling the new finance chair and treasurer.

Upgrade camera system (Bryan Gangwere)

Problem: The recent series of thefts has brought to light gaps in the camera coverage. These gaps have resulted in us not being able to identify with certainty the theft of several items, leaving us unable to make a legal case for their recovery.

Solution: Add at least 12 cameras to the system (2 4mm zoom, 10 2.8mm wide angle - $1500). Expand the storage to accommodate the new cameras, and extend the retention time to 90 days (4 32TB NAS devices - $18,000)

Relevance: Protecting our assets, as well as the assets of our members, is necessary for our success. Also, eliminating the dead zones should give members a sense of safety, allowing them to be comfortable spending time at DMS at odd hours.

New Business

Member discipline records (Walter Anderson)

Problem: In the April board meeting, records of past disciplinary actions against a particular member were used as 'evidence' to support a call for a permanent ban. This highlights the need for these records to be available to our members, but not on the wiki or other public forum, so that members may audit the disciplinary process. Claims have been made by board members that warnings have been given that have been disputed by banned members. Without proper records, that can be independently inspected by members in good standing, there is no way to determine if our banning procedures are being used inappropriately.

Solution: Establish that ALL disciplinary records need to be available to members in good standing as well as ensure that such records are maintained in the first place.

Relevance: There is a perception that disciplinary practices among the board are non-partial. This perception corrodes the good will among members that is essential for a member driven organization to prosper and continue to grow.

Verification of board election results (Walter Anderson)

Problem: Robert, in his role as secretary has denied my request to inspect the voting records from the last Board election. I believe both our by laws and state code require that such an inspection be allowed and that Roberts denial is contrary to both.

Solution: Board accedes to state law and corporate by laws to allow members in good standing to inspect voting records to provide assurance that the votes were recorded and counted properly

Relevance: Ensuring that the election of Board members who have control over our significant and growing revenue stream provides a check and balance to prevent any future maleficence.

Fund Engine Building Project (Brandon)

Problem: Auto would like to build up a replacement engine for our 240SX Lemons race car, this would be a great opportunity to have a series of classes where we build up an engine starting from a bare block all the way to putting it in the car. Over the course of a month we would have at least 4 classes and try to draw in as many interested members as possible. Auto would be contributing existing funds of up to 1,000 towards this but we don't have enough money on hand to completely pay for this endeavor. (Current engine would be kept on hand as a spare to allow 'hot swapping' during a race in case of catastrophic problems, obviously after the series of classes and educational content the primary beneficiary of this request would be the members who race the car in events)

Solution: Allocate $1,350 to auto committee for purpose of acquiring parts and hosting engine build classes

Relevance: Facilitating education is our core purpose, teaching how to build an engine requires the parts of an engine to build.

Issue Refunds (Robert Davidson and Allen Wan)

Problem: Without a Treasurer it has fallen on one person to issue refunds, with an effort to provide timely resolution to customer account issues I would like to modify the rules to allow the secretary to also issue refunds. Here is the current wording "Refunds for membership dues paid within the last 30 days can be authorized ONLY at the discretion of the Treasurer or President.'

Solution 1: Modify the rules to "Refunds for membership dues paid within the last 30 days can be authorized ONLY at the discretion of the Treasurer or President or Secretary."

Solution 2: The current secretary has shown an exceptional lack of financial discipline and has openly flaunted his legal obligations to provide access to corporate records putting the corporation at significant risk of liability. Delegating more authority to the office is both unnecessary and exceptionally inappropriate given the person's history. The more sound solution is to appoint a new treasurer and a new secretary.

Relevance: Giving more authority to a secretary that is widely viewed as being unable to read or count further endangers our corporate existence and undermines our objective of pursuing our educational mission. The person needs to urgently be replaced.

Fastenall Contract (Robert Davidson)

Problem: Fastenall has a locker system that I believe could be a great value to DMS as a method to provide members access to supplies as well as a tool check in and out system that the committees could use to keep better track and accountability of expensive tooling. It's a pretty well known that I don't believe DMS needs to be in the parts selling business, this is effectively the parks pantry of industrial parts.

Solution: Discuss the contract, impact to members, cost to DMS.

Relevence: This is an Infrastructure item that allows greater utility for our members and the committees

Basic Lab Equipment for Science (Ashley Newland)

Problem: Science Committee has a limited supply of basic lab supplies, e.g. beakers, test tubes. This greatly limits what we can do class and project wise.

Solution: Purchase lab equipment for the Science area.

Relevance: This is basic multipurpose equipment which can be utilized for a variety of projects and classes, which will enable Science to better fulfill the educational requirement of our 501(c)3 status.

Relocate RC Committee to Workshop (Harold Asbridge)

Problem: The RC committee area is currently in an awkward place in the common room. As a result, lots of random junk winds up on and around the workstation. In addition, we would like to make room for some equipment, mainly a CNC hot-wire cutter and desktop vacuum former. Due to the smell of a wire cutter and noise of a vacuum former, I believe the workshop is a better location for them, rather than the common room.

Solution: I would like to move the table, computer, and one shelf to the workshop area.

Solution A: Adjust science to give space to RC as shown:

Science goes from:

20' x 11' = 220 sq ft to 17' x 15' = 255 sq ft, 16% increase

RC goes from:

7' x 5' = 35 sq ft to 15' x 6' = 90 sq ft, 157% increase

Remove a Luke table from next to large table so it can move back enough to maintain a walkway between it and edge of science. Vector would move it's entrance one panel down

Solution B: Wall off the back corner of the interactive classroom, and move RC to there. Currently this area is being used to store chairs, whiteboards, and a ping pong table. Those could be moved to the west and south walls of the interactive classroom.

End $1,500 to bookkeeper fund and instead increase savings (Brandon)

Problem: Since December we are setting aside $1,500 per month into a book keeper fund just on the off chance that we need some money in the future, this fund has grown to over $7,000 with no usage so far. Continuing to set aside such a large fund with no current concrete plans for immediate usage seems unnecessary, we could instead be grouping that money into our savings fund.

Solution: Stop monthly allocation of $1,500 per month to bookkeeper fund, transfer current bookkeeper fund to finance committee, increase amount we set aside for savings fund from $2,000 to $3,000 per month.

Authorization for the expenditure of up to $7615.00 to perform various electrical works (Brooks Scharff, Robert Davidson, Brian Davis)

Problem: Various electrical work needs to be performed to improve operations, support new activities, and improve safety. The server closet needs to be wired through the Liebert UPS and 5 circuits added on a new subpanel, outlets need to be added for: Wood Shop to support their floor redesign and addition of new dust collector, Machine Shop, and the Lobby. Digital Media needs to split lighting and add a switch. All work needs to be fire and electrical code-compliant. Complete list:

Solution 1: Authorize the expenditure of an amount not to exceed $7615.00 for all project costs, based estimates from Scott-Del Electrical, and including a 10% contingency fund for incidental costs at the discretion of the project managers.

Solution 2: Authorize expenditures as outlined above except not spending the $3,750 to hook up the UPS. So the total would only be $3,865 instead. Having a large UPS is a nice to have, but that would be spending a significant amount of our available monthly funds that could otherwise be invested in committees and classes, increasing reliability of server room power is not critical to furthering our educational goals. - Brandon Green

Solution 3: Ignore Brandon's proposal (Solution 2) and have the electrician re-quote the updated UPS connection. The $3750 number was to relocate ALL existing circuits, which Infrastructure determined was not necessary. The large UPS is slated to replace the three smaller UPS units, allowing us to move the smaller UPS units to committees that need them. Re-affirm that Infrastructure uptime is of utmost importance, as it supports virtually every part of the operation of the Makerspace (do you like doors that unlock when your badge is swiped, or doors that stay locked because the power is out?).

Pay Teachers for services (john a. gorman)

Problem: john a. gorman taught 6 popular, well attended Laser classes for the LaserSaur, Epilog, and Thundercat (cirriculm for lasers, about 20 pages. These classes were approved for honorarium by the Board of Directors. Finance committee has withheld payment for services rendered because ?.
Solution: Pay john a. gorman
Relevance: Education is the primary purpose of the Dallas MakerSpace. We want to encourage teachers. We have setup a method to do so. Not following our posted polices will discourage people from teaching, and damage our community.

Resolve the Laser Class dispute (john a. gorman)

Problem: We have 3 awesome lasers. We invested heavily in the purchase, installation, testing, and documentation of each. Training for their use has been blocked. There is a dispute about the current training curriculum in regards to its adequacy.

Solution 1: Approve the current curriculum. The curriculum proposed by john a. gorman is based on the pre-existing curriculum (all lasers go phew phew, use smoke and mirrors. we want less smoke). The pre-existing curriculum was developed with input from several members, and john's experience teaching over 300 members on how to use the Lasers. The details for the new lasers, which go phew phew with smoke and mirrors, have been extensively documented. Several members of the Laser Committee have contributed to the materials, as well as the 50ish students for the new machines.

Solution 2: Wait for a new, untested curriculum developed by one person.

Relevance:The Lasers are awesome. They enable our members to do so much. Delaying access hurts. Some members wanted to make Mother's day's gifts. Others wanted to make products to sell for Mother's Day. Father's day is approaching, and the Laser Committee does not have a timeline established for training, nor trainers.

Purchase 8ft ladder (Brandon)

Problem: We don't have an 8 foot ladder, using an excessive ladder is dangerous

Solution: Allocate $139 to auto for the purchase of an orange Werner fiberglass 8 foot ladder from home depot

May 2016 Budget Report



Dallas Makerspace Board of Director's Meeting May 22, 2016

In Attendance:
-Robert Davidson
-Ken Purcell 
-Luke Olson
-Erik Smith
-Alex Rhodes

Meeting called to order 12:04

Previous minutes amended to reflect "Behavior of Two Members (Mark Havens)" vote tally: Erik Smith and Alex Rhodes abstained

These items pass consent agenda with unanimous consent:
 - 4.2 Increase Web Hosting Funding (Brooks Scharff)
 - 4.5 Put silkscreen, vinyl and large format printers under the wing of Creative Arts (Nicole Franczvai)
 - 4.6 Expulsion of a Member (Erik Smith)
 - 4.7 Expenses for Hatcher's Firearm Maintenance, Cleaning and Safety Class Program (Nick Sainz)

4.3 Removal of Director Funds (Finance Committee)
 - Luke proposed "Stop allocating money towards the use of Director Funds, and transfer $150 to Electronics (so Finance can correctly class the invoice)", Erik seconded
 - Motion passed: 3 in favor, 1 opposed, Ken Purcell abstained

4.4 3D fab binge and purge (Axeonos Robertson)
 - Motion tabled by unanimous approval by the Board

4.9 Calendar and Honorarium Request System (Luke Olson, Alex Rhodes, Ken Purcell)
 - Luke proposed as written, Robert seconded
 - Passed 4 in favor, Alex Rhodes abstained

4.10 Replace Stolen Items
 - Luke proposed as written, Alex seconded
 - Motion passed with unanimous consent

4.11 Transfer of Funds from Book Keeper Fund to Finance (Finance Committee)
 - Robert proposed as written, Erik seconded
 - Motion passed with unanimous consent

4.12 Have the Finance Committee Elect a Chair (Kent Bowling and Allen Wan)
 - Robert moves to pass motion “Luke Olsen is appointed as interim financial chair”, Ken seconds
 - Motion passes 4 in favor, Luke abstains

4.13 Upgrade camera system (Bryan Gangwere)
 - Motion tabled by unanimous approval by the Board

Break 13:27

Reconvene 13:42


5.1 Member discipline records (Walter Anderson)
 - Motion tabled by unanimous approval by the Board

--Note:  This item was tabled after Luke claimed that the rules already required discipline actions to have a written record.  After additional research, I found no indication that such a rule had existed, so my agenda item which wished such a rule to be created should have been voted on. -- Walter Anderson

5.2 Verification of board election results (Walter Anderson)
 - Robert proposes to vote motion as written, Erik seconds
 - Motion fails: 4 opposed, Erik Smith abstains

5.3 Fund Engine Building Project (Brandon)
 - Motion tabled by unanimous approval by the Board

-- NOTE:  Board suugested that Brandon create a curriculum for his proposed class and resubmit his request to the board --Walter Anderson

5.4 Issue Refunds (Robert Davidson and Allen Wan)
 - Motion tabled by unanimous approval by the Board

5.5 Fastenall Contract (Robert Davidson)
 - Motion tabled by unanimous approval by the Board

5.6 Basic Lab Equipment for Science (Ashley Newland)
 - Motion tabled by unanimous approval by the Board

5.7 Relocate RC Committee to Workshop (Harold Asbridge)
 - Motion tabled by unanimous approval by the Board

5.8 End $1,500 to bookkeeper fund and instead increase savings (Brandon)
 - Luke proposes “Stop monthly allocation of $1,500 per month to bookkeeper fund, increase amount we set aside for savings fund from $2,000 to $3,000 per month.” Erik seconds
 - Motion passes unanimously

5.9 Authorization for the expenditure of up to $7615.00 to perform various electrical works (Brooks Scharff, Robert Davidson, Brian Davis)
 - Robert proposes solution 1 as written, Alex seconded
 - Motion passed unanimously

5.10 Pay Teachers for services (john a. gorman)
 - Robert proposes to approve as written, Erik seconds
 - Motion passes unanimously

5.11 Resolve the Laser Class dispute (john a. gorman)
 - Motion tabled by unanimous approval by the Board

4.1 Purchase PaperCut License (Brooks Scharff)
 - Motion tabled with unanimous consent

4.8 Purchase a New Surface Planer for Woodshop (Andrew Zalakat)
 - Motion tabled by unanimous approval by the Board

5.12 Purchase 8ft ladder (Brandon)
 - Motion tabled by unanimous approval by the Board

Next Board Meeting scheduled for 6/26/2016 at 2 PM

15:38 meeting adjourns

Approved Spending Tracking

  • $170 to Hatcher's from general fund
  • $150 to Electronics from general fund
  • $110 to Infrastructure from general fund
  • $1500 to Finance from bookkeeping fund

Journal entry 593516 in QBO.