Board of Directors Meeting 20110602

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Time, location

20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Previous minutes

Officer/Committee reports

  • Treasurer - John Haskins will report on our finances.

Committee chair


Rules And Policies

  • Problem: We don't have an official Rules And Policies document.
  • Why: The space and organization needs a set of clearly defined rules, at least for the most important issues.
  • Solution 1: Approve the Rules and Policies page as of revision 3465.

Old business

New business




Board of Directors meeting 6-2-2011 brought to order at 8:50 pm by Andrew LeCody Peter Smith Leland Flynn Andrew LeCody Nicole Greeley Glenn Pipe Treasure: John Haskins

Approval of Prior Minutes: Approved with unanimous vote.

  • Reports from Treasure John Haskins:
    • Received bank card
    • Got new member sign up paperwork
    • One new member Dale Ross
    • Mark Havens and Scott Nietfeld
  • Action Item: Andrew LeCody to disable members who are no longer in good standing.
  • Committee Reports:
    • Operations and Facilities Committee: Shona Haskins
      • Had meeting on 6/2 for new space held by Shona
    • Public Relations Committee: Nicole Greeley
      • Nicole will be working on flyer to be distributed at Akon. Will place flyer on wiki so that it can be printed and distributed by all members.
      • Need to research cost of printing business cards
      • Peter proposed that PR committee take over the site
  • Action Item: Andrew to give Leland and Shona Admin to Facebook page
  • Action Item: Put link to Flickr on main page
  • Action Item: Put link to “Like Us” on blog or any other DMS site
  • Action Item: Nicole to make account for
  • Action Item: Add Leland and any other members to the Admin wiki.
  • Action Item: Nicole to catch up on blog posts. Proposed order: Near Space Balloon, Photography Post, Ubuntu Arm
  • Agenda Item One: Rules and Policy
    • Andrew modified the Rules and Policy
    • Rules and Policy can be found on the wiki by searching for Rules and Policies
  • Action Item: Create Liability Waiver for minors stating that they will abide by Rules and Policies (see addendum to rules below)
  • Addendums to Rules and Policies:
    • Minors under the age of 18 must have their liability form signed by a parent or legal guardian.
    • Minors under 21 years old will need to sign a waiver stating they will not consume alcohol on the premises nor any other illegal substances.
    • Guest section (add): All guests must follow all safety rules and policies.
    • Under Meetings (add): Strike out the usage fee with wording, add that all for-profit meetings must be approved by 3 board members, change usage fee wording to say that the usage fee will be determined by the 3 board members.
    • Meetings (add): Terms and Conditions can be dictated and modified by the Board of Directors
    • Members (add): All member must follow the Code of Conduct at all times.
    • Under Code of Conduct Item 3 (add): Strike out the word safety.
    • Under Code of Conduct Item 4: Move up to one and move all other items down one slot.
  • Action Item: Peter proposed a more structure format to the regular Thursday group meetings
    • Under Committee Section (add): There is no limit to the amount of committee's a single member can be apart of.
    • Under header (add): These rules will be posted around the space.
    • Under Commercial Section (change): prefer to encourage
      • ”The Dallas Makerspace is based on open source ideals and thus encourages its membership to embrace those ideals as well, however members reserve the rights to all their creations”
  • Action Item: Created a database of current inventory.
  • Action Item: Put maintenance/usage fee for Laser Cutter into the DMS budget.

Vote to approve amendments to Rules and Policies: Aye: 5 Nay: 0

  • Action Item: Andrew will update Rules and Policies tonight.

Vote: All in favor of changing the registered agent to Peter Smith Aye: 5 Nay: 0

  • Action Item: Andrew and Peter to complete the application and will submit it by June 3rd.
  • Agenda Item 2: Budget
  • Action Item: John will come up with a proposed budget and present it to the board at a date to be specified later.
  • Action Item: Peter will get in touch with Paul to get money issue resolved.
    • Suggested that we go ahead and take at least 5k of the money from DPRG and then determine the remaining amount at a later time.
    • 1023: on the wiki. Has a lot of “fix-me's”

Meeting concluded at: 10:06pm by Andrew LeCody Next meeting: Wednesday June 8th at 7pm

  • Action Item: Andrew will add next meeting to calendar.