3D Fabrication Meeting 20190601

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Secretary's notes: This page was magicked into existence many months after the meeting occurred, thus does not meet the standard that Committee meeting minutes must be posted in a timely fashion (Rule 6), as such I as Secretary am invalidating these minutes. If the committee is inclined to revive any of these agenda items they should do so at a future meeting and ensure that minutes are posted promptly after its conclusion.



  • Vote to resend purchase of Mosaic Multi Filament Printer by unanimous vote.
  • Extruder to be sold to Musashi for $50 paid thru Honorariums
  • New computer are still being researched for under 1000 per set up.
  • Mushasi will try and get a hands on demop for a new scanner at next meeting, something under 10K and the ability to scan large and small objects.


  • Everyone look for a new small shop vac setup for 3d Fab
  • Max will get a report from the board on the finances of 3d fab
  • Next meeting to be held on 6/15/19


1. Josh W

2. Ty Thompson

3. Adrian Sulusrti

4. Mushashi Sampson, Vice Chair

5. Max Kirkland, Chairperson

6. Luke Andraski, Vice Chair

7. John Kerr

8. Josh Melnick

9, Charles Procter