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This list will be used to track items that the space should purchase. Before adding an item to this list, make sure you have the following information:

  • Total price of the item(s), including shipping costs
  • Where the item can be purchased, links are highly recommended
  • Which committee/room will be in charge of the item
Item Qty Total Cost Committee/Room Notes
Soldering fume extractor 2 $70 Electronics None
Flat panel wall mount 2 $40 Electronics None
Intronix LogicPort Logic Analyzer 1 $389 Electronics None
Alligator Clips 4 $12 Electronics None
Picture frame cutter 1 $200 Craftroom None
Matte Cutter 1 $450 Craftroom None
Saw Horses 1 $30 Warehouse None
Wrench Set 1 $30 Warehouse None
Drill Bits 1 $5 Warehouse None
Sandpaper 1 $5 Warehouse None
Large Screwdriver 1 $22 Warehouse None
Rachet Extension Set 1 $7 Warehouse None

Need Additional Info

This list tracks items we should purchase, but that do not yet have all the required info to be included on the wishlist.

  • couches
  • sewing machine
  • Test_Equipment/wishlist
  • chemical storage locker
  • VHF/UHF radio and antenna
  • projector for projects/events

Big Ticket

Item Total Cost Committee/Room Notes
Shop Bot  ? Warehouse Try for a grant/donation


Item Qty Total Cost Committee/Room Notes
TRENDnet 300Mbps Wireless N PoE Access Point 2 $164 Security May need additional AP for 5Ghz coverage.