VECTOR Committee Reports 2021-04-12

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Attendees: Oscar, Nathan, Paul, Shawn, Jayson, Raymond, Kobin

7:04 - Call to order.

7:05 - Invite nominations for chair. Stephen Wylie is the only nomination.

7:06 - Stephen Wylie unanimously voted in (except by Kobin who was not present yet).

7:07 - Briefly discussed changing the name of VECTOR. Shawn, Jay, and Paul spoke out against this, citing too brief a discussion time to make a good decision, plus the fact that VECTOR has already appeared in widely distributed pinball publications.

7:10 - Discussed some missing supplies. We lack isopropyl rubbing alcohol, Q-tips and Mothers metal polish in particular. Nathan said he would grant us the cleaning supplies. I will probably procure Mothers for us. The 3-in-1 oil was thought to be missing prior to the meeting, but located during the meeting.

7:20 - Used the powers of teleconference to go over the current contents of VECTOR. Jay has agreed to move out a lot of his stuff.

7:45 - Demonstration of working Pinball Parts projects that were taken to the swap meet last Saturday as VECTOR recruitment materials. (Alas we did not discuss the swap meet during our meeting, but several people stopped by our table Saturday to ask about DMS & VECTOR, or else we told them anyway.)

8:00 - Adjourn.