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Ben McCall's CNC Router Hack

I have a SCM Tech 99L Router that needs to be hacked. This machine was purchased used, and was running at the time. Serial # AL1/002929

I am starting a PDF document that containts much of the following information, plus a lot more pictures. This will iclude patching together

a loose wiring diagram as a starting point to tracing out all of the electrical wiring.

The machine is in Decatur, Texas, which is 55 miles from Dallas Makerspace 30 miles North on 35 to Denton, 25 miles west on 380 to Decatur.


The Bad:

The router runs on Xilog, which is a terrible system.

The documentation on the machine is terrible.

There are no instructions for setting basic parameters on the machine.

SCM wants $6K to send out a tech to "reinstall" the machine.

SCM wants $1K to even talk to me about the machine, provide info, etc.

The Good:

This is a stout, well made machine.

The servos and controllers are Yaskawa, with documentation (and parts) available.

Everything else seems to be in good working order.

The work we do is very basic and very repetetive, so we don't need all the bells and whistles.

We have another running machine, with the ability to generate G Code, etc.

The General Plan:

1) Document all of the component parts and obtain all available documentation.

2) Trace lines and circuits to establish funtionality (air and electric)(plus lubrication).

3) Test operation of individual parts/functions.

4) Determine requirements to make machine function as a whole.

Questions ?

1) Do we need a whole new control system, or can the existing one be modified?Controller is a NUM 1020 - Full PDF Manual is here -

A lot more tech data is here -$file/NUM_Power_Catalog_Print_EN.pdf

There are 4 main outputs from the 1020, which are assumed to be spindle, X, Y, Z

2) Will Mach 3 run this machine as-is, or are there some changes that need to be made? Sent e-mail to NUM asking about bypassing SCM front end controls.

The machine is run from a Dell Dimension 300 Desktop running on a Celeron 2.4 GHZ with 512 MB of RAM

It has Windows XP Home 2002, with Service Pack 3

Desktop is wired to the NUM Controller with a 9 pin cable.

Software is an SCM branded version of Xilog 3

There is a hand controller, with no markings on it.

Spindle = Giordano Columbo RV 110.22

Requires 350 CFM external air flow for cooling on a 2" round line.

Sent e-mail to Italy for Manual

Spindle Controller = KEB Combivert F4

There is also a saw spindle, which we don't plan on using. Don't see any controller for it. May just be on/off.

There is also a drill bank, which we don't plan on using.

Servo Controllers (3):

Yaskawa Servopack SGDB - 15VD Y104

Yaskawa Servopack SGDB - 10VD

Yaskawa Servopack SGDB - 10VD

Servos (3):

Not labeled well or easy to get to. Appear to be Yaskawa.

Z is SGMG-09V2ABC, paired with a UTOPH 81 AWF encoder

Manual is available here -

Y is inside the gantry and installed top/away Servo is SGMG-09V2AB can't see the encoder label.