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Steve Adams I have a pretty good background with electronics. Admittedly though, I am mostly self taught with just a little college knowledge. I do plan to return to school and improve my knowledge base. But right now I am postponing returning to school because of what the space has to offer.

Current Projects

  • Help with wireless link at space.
  • Repair an MSF 5000 power supply for the W5BCR club repeater
  • Make a laser cutter interlock board for Lance Preston and Gus Reiter's RFID proj.
  • Write an electronics intro and labs to help teach basic electronics at the space.
  • 1kw Induction heater

Future Projects

off grid stuff

  • Stirling engine
  • Steam engine
  • Low RPM alternator 1ph &3Ph
  • Parabolic solar concentrator
  • In flight refueling of quadcopter


  • FPGA dev board suitable for SOC projects
  • lab grade (ie not bench grade, real lab grade ps)
  • PCI ramdisk with battery b/u using DDR3 ram


  • refrigerator reject heat at T=100C evaporator temp -200C
  • distillation column
  • air liquifier

Completed Projects

  • A bunch of power supllies, linear, buck, boost, buck/boost
  • Repair of Motorola MSF 5000 repeater