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My notes and ideas on Slic3r.

  • Needs a way of scripting your own builds, so that you can actually change parameters as the GCODE is generated.
  • Idea for pathing:
  • Mixed X/Y change during Z movement.
    • Rather stop at a point and then change Z, keep moving along X and Y and also change Z.
  • Loadable alpha STLs
    • Load your primary model STL
    • Load any secondary STLs that will be applied as 3d patches to primary model, possibly to make fixes, add support structure, etc
  • Model plating on the command-line
    • Specify multiple STLs to achieve a default plate with all the STLs
    • May have to specify locations, or at least an overall clumping, otherwise default does best-guess and is probably pretty easy to hack out
  • Video GPU support
  • Multithreading