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About Me

I am Ian Jaeger, one of the 'starving hackers' at DMS. I'm currently trying to get a startup going with a water decontamination / desalination process as well as a contract pilot for a local aircraft dealership.

My Projects

End Grain Cutting Board

This started as something else, but I ended up making it into an end grain cutting board for a family member. The board is made of Purple Heart and Hard Maple and is coated with mineral oil. It's nice!

A few pics:
IMG_4560a_zps33dcf8fb.jpg IMG_0496a_zps23a7f36a.jpg IMG_0521a_zps49321efe.jpg

APRS Cable

While I'm out flying, I'm not supposed to use a cell phone to get and receive messages (the FCC doesn't approve) and half the time, my phone doesn't have signal anyway. But I can use APRS to both send my location and a short message. In theory, I should be able to receive messages as well. With that in mind, I'm putting together a cable to link my Baofeng UV5R and iphone that runs an app called Pocket Packet.
The project itself is based on the one here: BaofengUV5R-TRRS

As I get it done, I'll post more.

Jeep Stuff

I'm not going to post any of this here... but I do try to keep my personal page updated here: