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Here's a little about me and my interests at the Dallas Makerspace :

I have always been interested in tinkering with things since the time I was a kid, taking apart radios, making slime, and helping my Dad with various projects in the garage or around the house. I have continued to play with these thing in my spare time, building furniture, working on a kayak (not yet finished), prototyping tools for the lab, etc. Professionally, my background is in science and medicine. I recieved my MD and PhD degrees from UT Southwestern and now work as a resident at a hospital in Dallas.


1) Biology- personal genomics, algae biofuel, agriculture, crowd-sourced/patient-driven medical research & information sharing

Back when I was doing my PhD research I started acquiring equipment for a home molecular biology lab that never went anywhere so I'm excited about working with the Bio projects group at DMS! I also have an interest in urban agriculture and have a garden that I'm working on near Fair Park: metro mini farm

2) Woodworking/furniture

3) Learning about arduino and device/computer interface

4) Relearning basic programming/scripting (have not pursued since high school!)

Recent projects (pictures to follow soon):

Free clothes hanger ipad stand

Off the shelf battery powered blender hack- for all your off the grid margarita needs!

Replacement rudder for my C-15 sailboat

Link to my outdated, rarely updated website:

Follow me on Twitter: @aggiemudphud