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Draft version of meeting minutes

Members in attendance

  • Steve Rainwater
  • Mark Havens
  • Peter Smith (chair)
  • Eric Chaney


  • Paul Wilson
  • Andrew LeCody (secretary)


  • Peter opened the meeting at 8:07pm
  • Peter asked for items from the consent agenda
  • Steve wants to pull out the dates and times of meetings agenda item, 8:10pm
  • Paul also wants to pull out the dates and times of meetings agenda item, 8:11pm
  • Eric wants to pull rent of the upstairs space agenda item, 8:11pm
  • Steve requests that Andrew give a report on the website, 8:13pm
  • Paul raised a complaint about the MIBS rules, 8:15pm
  • Minutes from the previous meeting were ratified, 8:16pm
  • Mark gave a report on the status of our financial records, 8:18pm
  • Paul suggested that the financial records be sorted by the end of the month, 8:20pm
  • Andrew gave a report on the website and IT infrastrucure, 8:23pm
  • Peter moved on to old business, 8:26pm
  • Discussion about finding a new space started at 8:27pm
  • Steve suggested a page be created on the wiki for listing new spaces, 8:32pm
  • Peter moved on to new business, 8:37pm
  • Voted to pass on renting the upstairs space, 8:38pm
  • Andrew suggested 2nd Tuesday at 8pm for board meetings and the 2nd Thursday at 7pm for member meetings
  • Board voted for those times, 8:42pm
  • Eric would like to add an agenda item for a cleaning day, 8:46pm
  • Peter adjuouned the meeting at 8:48pm