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Previous Software Freedom Day

Space Usage

  • Fedora/Ubuntu demo room - need space for multiple tables to demo machines running GNU/Linux distro. Could also do installs in this room if there's any interest in an installfest.
  • Lighting Talks - need chairs, podium, and projector
  • In-Depth Talks/Demos - need chairs, podium, and projector
  • Swag table - should be located in the main hallway. If we get SFD balloons this year we need to actually inflate them and use them for decorations!
  • Bar/snacks - need to setup a table in the hallway near the kitchen to hand out drinks/snacks (in exchange for donations to the snack box)


  • Coordinator for Lighting Talks - John Fields
  • Coordinator for In-depth talks/demos - Steve Rainwater
  • Fedora GNU/Linux demos - David Duncan
  • Ubuntu GNU/Linux demos - David Mandala
  • Door greeters/tour guides - Nicole Greeley
  • Bartenders - Nicole Greeley

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Talk Ideas

Lighting Talks (coordinator: John Fields)

  • ZeroMQ - Pieter Hintjens (pieterh) from Brussels
  • FOSS models/tools for artist - Haley
  • PHP intro
  • Perl intro

In Depth Talk/Demos (coordinator: Steve Rainwater)

  • Using Blender - Eric Chaney
  • Getting Started with CakePHP - Andrew LeCody
  • A free software work flow for photographers - Steve
  • Building online communities - Pieter Hintjens (pieterh) from Brussels
  • State of Perl 6 - ??
  • Arduino development - Dale?
  • Free software tools for robotics - ?
  • free software, free culture, and hackerspaces - ?

Talk ideas:

  • Smart Phone freedom comparison
  • What is free software and software freedom day all about? (John Fields?)
  • Photography - a complete free software work flow for photographers (UFRaw, Gimp. Gthumb, Qtpfsgui, etc.) (Steve Rainwater)
  • Photography - open source firmware (chdk.) (?)
  • ease of installation of GNU/Linux vs Windows on same hardware
  • free alternatives to commonly used proprietary software
  • GNU/Linux in general
  • HP (ask Paul B)
  • OpenSolaris, or other Non-GNU/Linux Unix topics
  • demo of some robots would be cool

Some random ideas:

  • Need multiple teams to visit, within the legal distance, some of the "closed-source meccas" in DFW and attempt to provide info to the public about Software Freedom(s)
  • Provide free CDROMs with FOSS loaded
  • Have donation boxes available for common OSS initiatives and structures (such as EFF)--possibly a single donation box for all endeavors, and then donate equally on behalf of the Makerspace.

Please see

Also here -- Good descriptions of overall ideas. peter242 16:08, 8 April 2011 (CDT)

The date has been set. September 17, 2011 (20110917).

ToDo List

  • Decide on times for event
  • Do we have budget for DMS/SFD T-Shirts for staff, members?
  • need to contact Dallas Observer / Pegasus news ASAP
  • emailed SFD list to get clarification of team pack contents
  • Contact FSF, EFF, CC for swag?
    • 2 Aug - emailed swag request to EFF (no reply)
    • 2 Aug - emailed swag request to CC (swag shipment confirmed!)
    • 2 Aug - emailed swag request to FSF (swag shipment confirmed!)
  • add logo to page
  • Work out how to use space
  • Contact local user groups (I'll try to list them here as I get time)
  • Get event listed online (need a list of stuff (CL, Pegasus, FB, etc.)
  • Contact RedHat Fedora rep (last year it was a guy from Austin, find contact info)
  • contact Cali Lewis about participating (confirmed, she'll be there)
  • need some crazy cool ideas
    • Free beer?
    • Music?
  • Fedora GNU/Linux

Local communities we need to get the word out to

  • Apache Lamp
  • Blender (free software graphics program)
  • Computer security
  • DFWFreeNet presentation (DFWFreeNet)
    • Turns out DFW "Free" Net has switched to proprietary Meraki APs
    • We need to replace DFWFreeNet with something really based on free software
  • Drupal Open Source Content Management Software
  • GNU/Linux and Unix User Groups
    • NTLUG
      • emailed event announcement to their mailing list
    • FWLUG
      • no contact info found on website
    • DFWUUG
      • email event announcement to their mailing list
  • Open Source
  • PC Users Groups
  • Perl
    • DFW Perl Mongers
    • Jul 27 - emailed dfw-pm list for a speaker (Nick Perez moved to Amsterdam)
      • emailed event announcement to their mailing list
  • PHP
    • DallasPHP
      • sent event announcement via their page
  • Python
  • Robotics
    • Dallas Personal Robotics Group
    • Jul 27 - posted speaker request to DPRG list
    • Jul 27 - contact Tim Smith, PR rep for Willow Garage about PR2 demo
      • emailed event announcement to DPRG mailing list
  • Ruby