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8:10 start of meeting

23 voting members present

prior minutes:

  • no objections
  • Andrew LeCody motions to approve
  • David M seconds
  • 19 in favor
  • 0 objections
  • 2 abstaining

Andrew asks if anyone like to add anything to the agenda that affects the immediate security or operation of the space?

Committee Reports:

Security Committee

  • RFID system - idea for custom built access control
    • Suggested features:
    • safety interlocks
    • modularity
  • new security system was installed
  • action item: send group something talking about how to disarm and arm the system

Amateur Radio Committee

  • waiting to hear from Pat about the long distance radio link
  • need a schedule for a test shot between towers
  • Alyssa suggests more classes
    • Mike Eber says they have one coming in Feb
  • Recycled radio towers, and the money was sent to the amateur radio fund

Finance Committee

  • $5085.66 in the general fund
  • Lease expires in about 1 year and 3 months
  • Talked about the big purchases for this month, 12.5k for the laser cutter
  • How much in profits in November? 3.5k
  • Profits in December? 3.5k

Operations and Facilities Committee

  • Lisa suggests buying smaller bags for the cleaning crew
  • Robert asks if we should change cleaners
    • Lisa says we need to give them more instruction
  • Andrew suggests


  • Cleaning and organizing
  • Coming up with a standard list of items they want to buy
    • Andrew suggests asking for a lump some and giving a general idea of what they want to buy
    • Mike Eber suggests just buying kits of tools from SparkFun
    • Mike Eber wants to know what happened to the missing soldering iron?
      • Paul Wilson suggests sending an email asking where it went?

BIO Committee

  • Paul Brown is making beer
  • Free rootbeer making supplies in the BIO room

PR Committee

  • DISD asked for volunteers to come out for their science night
    • Nicole wants to know if we have people wanting to volunteer
    • They want people to do fun and interesting demo
    • Nicole suggests we do strawberry DNA extraction
  • Planning to get back into the swing of things
  • Paul Wilson says we should get into contact with the Perot museum
    • Mike Eber says they contacted him, and he is currently talking with a representative about helping
  • Eric says First Lego League is this weekend, DPRG is going - it's going to be at Hockaday school

  • Why is the AC not working?
    • Colby took it to match it with another breaker

Classroom Committee

  • Starting a project to replacing the lighting with LEDs
  • Hoping to get a better tuner for the TV that handles HDMI better
  • Paul Wilson wants to know if we can shrink the projector screen
  • $485 in the classroom committee fund

Warehouse Committee

  • New fan for the laser cutter
  • Lathe needs a new motor
  • Radial Arm Drill
  • Got the compressor in during Christmas, it's working - but we need a subpanel for it (it uses 3 phase power)
  • Talking about running Air to each of the rooms
  • Paul Wilson wants to donate a radial arm drill, and he needs someone with a truck
  • Andrew mentions the Warehouse committee is raising funds by selling equipment (they just sold the shopsmith)
  • Robert says the warehouse committee mailing list is active, and it's a model to other committees
    • Lisa suggests doing an off topic mailing list

Dark Room Committee / Craft Room Committee

  • New Shelves
  • Doug recently joined and wants to do a leather making class
    • We need an Awl
  • Paul R talks about stained glass classes

Mike Eber motioned to adjourn

  • William Petefish seconded