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55 voting members

20 members present (get list afterward)

9:08 meeting comes to order

Andrew says he will approve prior minutes first, but do the committee reports afterward.

Andrew motions to approve prior minutes Kent Seconded motion passes (18 aye, 2 abstaining)

Issue: Many members can not attend committee meetings because of business or other reasons. This makes the committee meetings unfair, one should not be excluded because you are not able to physically attend (by David Mandala) Solution: Require all committee meetings to be held on-line (IRC, Google hangouts, etc) so all can attend if desired no matter were the member may be. This levels the playing field and allows everyones opinions to matter and not be ignored. All items that are to be simplified for presentation (like tool purchases) to the main membership are to be voted on by the committee members and a full report including the results of the vote be presented to the membership at large before any vote is made by the general membership. The general membership can at their option vote to send the item back to committiee if the general membership is unhappy with the output of the committiee.

David M argues his opinion is being ignored because he is not able to be present.

  • have physical meetings, but they must have an online component

Mike C says committees have done online meetings before

  • shouldn't be only text, needs to be at least audio

Infrastructure is already in place according to Sam

  • Paul B interjects google plus can only handle 10 members

Audio + IRC is suggested as a solution by David M so we would be able to identify people

  • people type comments
  • people can also comment via audio
  • IRC has things recorded

John gorman asks if anyone objects to the idea of meetings being online

  • William is against if it's on IRC

Mark has security concerns for using IRC

John suggests forming a committee to find solutions for online meetings

Stan says it should be available for each meeting, but it should not be mandatory

Mike C says it should be standard, or not enough people will know to use it

Andrew says there isn't a method suggested, and he needs a solution to be proposed

Sam says GoToMeeting is the best option

  • Mike says it's limited to 20 users at a time (unless we pay more)
  • Mark says we need something that scales
  • John Gorman says it can be used from the website

Stan says he has an IP speakerphone

Karl wants to know if it will be required to be online

David M suggests IRC is the best solution, and he will not suggest other solutions.

  • Andrew LeCody suggests an exporatory committee

Sam suggests closing the discussion and moving toward a vote

Andrew suggests the security committee could work on this

Kent does not understand how using IRC would "work".

  • Would everyone need to bring a laptop? Yes

Proposal: Send it to the security committee and allow them to suggest a solution. John seconds the motion

  • David M says he will volunteer to help

(John Rigler came into the meeting and decided to vote)

16 for 2 opposed 3 abstaining

Mike C proposes the previous proposal will be completed in 2 months.

(? came into the meeting and decided to vote)

17 for 2 opposed 3 abstaining

Andrew wants to know if there's anything that affects the security or operation of the space that needs to be voted on. <no suggestions>

Mike C proposes we skip the committee reports. Kirby Seconded 19 for 1 opposing 2 abstaining

9:32 meeting over