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Monthly Meeting 11-8-2012 Alyssa Pipe Andrew LeCody Chris Kirby Daniel Jackson Doug Emes Doug Paradis John Fields Nick Sainz Kent Bowling Mark Havens Mike Eber Nicole LeCody Paul Brown Paul Wilson Peter Smith Robert Davidson Karl Mohler William Petefish Ed Kim Paul R

Meeting Called to order by Andrew LeCody @: 7:51pm

Andrew proposes that we approve the prior meeting minutes. Mike Eber seconds. Aye-18 Nay-0 AB-1

President Report:

  • Focusing on stuff for Open House
  • working on better processes for running meetings
  • Still sticking to the Agenda Lock (Agenda gets locked the Sunday before the meeting starts. If it does not meet the deadline then it will get moved to the next months meeting)

Financial Committee-Paul Brown

  • PNL was sent out prior to meeting
  • Curent 30,000 in cash assets, 10,000 in savings 20,000 in main account. Currently only 11,000 not allocated
  • New snack fund box has been mounted in the kitchen
  • At 107 members
  • Expense: 3,667
  • Profit: 3,390
  • Gross: 7,067

Operations and Facilities Committee - Andrew LeCody

  • Move RFID system out of the classroom
  • making strides on ability to communicate with RFID system via the fileshare
  • Keeping space stocked with supplies for bathroom/kitchen
  • Will be working next two days to clean up the space for Open House

Public Relations Committee-Nicole LeCody

  • Open House is Saturday at noon.
  • Will be having a short informal meeting after main meeting to wrap up a few things and start clean up.
  • PR now has a budget that they will be utilizing to purchase signage for the space
  • PR will be discussing a Christmas Party

Security Committee

  • Received wireless access point from Stacy.
  • Wireless has been going out periodically. Andrew will be looking into this.
  • Potentially putting a lot on that door for security purposes
  • Look into mounting another keypad to the door.

Amateur Radio Committee - Pat Hykkonen

  • HAM class on Mondays for the next four weeks
  • Working out the appropriate tower height
  • Still waiting for third party to get back with them on the wireless link

AV Committee - Chris Kirby

  • nothing to report

Bio Committee - David Rostcheck

  • currently growing several plants in the hydroponics system. Water is cycling better now.

Classroom Committee - John Fields

  • wires is going to be cleaned up
  • installing speakers
  • document camera has been purchased but lighting in room freaks it out. Can't focus.
  • Working on changing the lights to accommodate this problem

Craft Room Committee - Nicole Greeley

  • John, Heather and Nicole are working on events to re-infuse the committee such a group “Learn To” walkthroughs.
  • Nicole will submitting a request to purchase a sewing machine for the craft room

Electronics Robotics Committee - John Haskins

  • Daniel Jackson will be taking over the committee chair
  • Set up an account with mouzer. Now showing as non-profit status
  • Daniel has been cleaning and organizing electronics room
  • Suggested we do an inventory

Warehouse Committee - Paul Wilson

  • New rules are now in affect
  • Currently working on cleaning up the warehouse

Photography Lab (Darkroom Committee) - Nicole LeCody

  • will be doing an event at Open House on taking photographs and developing

Open Source Ecology Committee - Craig MacPherson

  • nothing to report

Old Business

  • Laser Vote: 120w 24x36 won the vote

(12670 for the laser in total)

  • front door can be easily disassembled (says Robert)

New Business:

Agenda Item One: Specta Mill and Lathe Working Issue: Frank would like to get DMS's spectra mill and lathe working, but we will need more parts. (by Paul Brown) Solution: I propose a vote to allocate $250 to CNC projects for the following: 1. Three double shaft NEMA 23 motors to get the spectra-mill working: ($39 each + shipping) 2. Two NEMA 23's will replace Frank's personal motors on the spectra lathe:$24 each + shipping) 3. Live center: ($40 + shipping)

  • Paul Wilson has offered to allow money he funded to the Cabinet Saw (250) to be given to Frank to help fix the Spectra Mill and Lathe

Meeting adjourned at 8:36 pm.