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Regular Meeting Minutes on 2/9/2012

  • Nicole Greeley
  • Andrew LeCody
  • Shona Haskins
  • Eric Chaney
  • David Rosjcheck
  • Peter Smith
  • Pat Hykkonen
  • Doug Paradis
  • Bryan Martin
  • Bob Pflughoft
  • Robert Davidson
  • David Jannke
  • Stan Stimmons
  • Kent Bowling
  • David Fenyes
  • Mike Churchill
  • Don Foley
  • Gene Filley
  • Craig MacPerson
  • Guest: Rosemary Long
  • John Haskins
  • Doug Emes
  • Paul Wilson
  • Lance Presont
  • Paul Brown
  • Steve Rainwater
  • Chris Kirby
  • James Lawrence
  • Elizabeth Lawrence
  • Chris Seifeit
  • Mark Havens
  • David Guill
  • Campbell Cairns
  • Haley Moore

Voting Members 24

Guest speaker: Kathryn Nash from Cognizant.

Meeting called to order at 7:36 by Andrew LeCody

Introduce new/guest members.

Upcoming Events:

  • (Eric will send out info on the Discovery Days at the Museum of Nature and Science)
  • Saturday the 11th NTEAA is meeting from ten to noon
  • DPRG Meeting (Subject is RAS) is this Saturday starting at noon.
  • April 2nd Circuit Bending Workshop by CMTK4
  • March 3rd- Antique print trunk show (Via Paul Wilson). He is going to give a tour of his work space.
  • Sunday 19th-Another Blacksmithing demo/workshop with John Haskins starting at 11 am until 2pm possibly later. (Bring clothes that won't melt and boots)
  • Project Discussion

Prior Meeting Minutes:

>Omission to Add: Need to add discussion about work benches in the electronics room. John agreed that is was something that needed to be worked on and was an Action Item.

Mike Churchill moves to approve the prior meeting minutes with update listed above.. Shona seconds. Approved Aye-21 Nay- AB-2

Treasurer Report: By John Haskins

Currently in the bank: $12,102.02 General Fund: $8,724.53approximate Pos Cash Flow:

  • $3,100+ in dues
  • DPRG $200 rent assistance
  • yields $3,300 in cash flow each month

$1,600 is left over after all rent and utilities are paid from monthly dues. Andrew LeCody estimated $800/month in additional expenditures related to operating the space.

Membership count: 81 members (6 new members since the last monthly meeting)

PR Committee: Nicole Greeley

  • In the works: Circuit bending workshop on April 2nd.
  • Want to start a T-Shirt design contest
  • Want to start rolling around ideas on a parent/child day at the space
  • Want to start rolling around ideas on a membership only Open House style workshop between DPRG and DMS.
  • Work with Eric Chaney to set up Discovery Days at the Museum of Nature and Science.

Operations and Facilities Report: By Shona Haskins

  • Currently we have purchased bins for storage. First the warehouse will be organized into the bins and ones left over will be sold to members for personal storage.
  • Purchased Adobe Production Premier.
  • Will start renting out lockers for personal space usage.
Shona proposed that we allocate 100 dollars towards lightbulbs. Seconded by Eric Chaney. Approved

Aye-23 Nay-0 AB-0

Shona proposes to allocate 75 dollars for bins for storage for the Bio room. Seconded by Paul Wilson. Approved

Aye-22 Nay-0 AB-0

Doug Paradis wanted to clarify that the amount allocated to the Operations and Facilities committee was reset or accumulative. It was clarified that it is accumulative.

Mike Churchill proposed an annual $300 budget for the Craft Room. Seconded by ?????. Tabled.

Shona suggested that we not go the yearly route for setting up an account for the craft room. Paul Wilson proposed that we table the current motion until the subject can be further discussion. Nicole Greeley seconds. Aye-19 Nay-3 AB-2

Doug Paradis motions we allocate a 1 time $50 usage for the craft room. Seconded by Bob Pfulghoft. Approved

Aye-24 Nay-0 AB-0

It was brought up that the original idea has always been for each room to get its own budget for each room. This will be brought up in discussion later.

Security Committee Report: Andrew LeCody

  • Discussions were brought up to the committee about where to put the server cabinet.
  • We now have emergency lightbulbs.
  • We also purchased smoke detectors and have installed one thus far.
  • Server Rack: suggested that we wall it in with dry wall to help with noise. The discussion of place is still up. Nothing has been concluded.

Original discussion with people who used the electronics room was that the server cabinet would be housed in the electronics room. Currently there is no electronics room committee

  • Camera work is still being completed.

We have a couple USB cameras, a couple analog cameras.

  • Paul Brown brought up the fact that one of the lights near the dumpster is flickering.

Action Item: Andrew will contact the landlord to see if it is our responsibility to change that light or theirs.

Mike Churchill would like a time line on when the cameras will be up. Andrew suggested that more people get involved.

Mike Churchill and Robert Davidson agreed to help

Agenda Items

Agenda Item One: Formation of the Bio Room Committee
  • David Rosjcheck (Chairman)
  • Chris Kirby
  • Cam Cairns
  • Phil Wrage
  • See wiki for list of responsibilities
David Rosjcheck proposed the formation of the Bio Room committee. Chris Kirby seconds it. Approved

Aye-22 Nay-0 AB-0

Agenda Item Two: Formation of the Amateur Radio Club
  • Pat Hykkonen (Chairman)
  • Mike Eber
  • Andrew LeCody
  • See wiki for list of responsibilities
Andrew LeCody proposes the formation of the Amateur Radio Club. Seconded by Paul Wilson. Approved

Aye-22 Nay-0 AB-1

Agenda Item Three: Formation of the AV committee
  • Chris Kirby (Chairman)
  • Mike Eber
  • Pat Hykkonen
  • Doug Paradis
  • Leland Flynn
  • See wiki for list of responsibilities
Andrew LeCody motions the formation of the AV Club. Paul Wilson seconds. Approved

Aye-22 Nay-0 AB-1

Agenda Item Four: Formation of Warehouse Committee
  • Paul Wilson (Chairman)
  • John Haskins
  • Doug Emes
  • Lance Preston
  • Mike Churchill
  • Shona Haskins
  • See wiki for list of responsibilities
Andrew LeCody proposes the creation of the Warehouse committee. Seconded by Shona Haskins. Approved

Aye-22 Nay-0 AB-0

Agenda Item Five: Discussion on Renting an Additional Space. No Motion Made
  • Currently there are two possibilities that fit the needs of our space.

First Space: 3300 sq ft Across Monroe from our current location Warehouse area is air conditioned but not insulated. 6 parking spaces Has 3 phase and 220 1100/month

Second Space: 6300 sq ft About four doors down from our current location High loading dock. 1800/month 20ft ceilings in the warehouse 3 phase/220 Has AC and is insulated

New Business:

Gene Filley proposed formation of an electronics room committee. Seconded by ??????. Tabled
  • After some discussion, David G proposed that we table the formation of the electronics room until a mission statement could be created. Seconded Paul Wilson-Chairman

Aye-16 Nay-1 AB-5

Andrew proposed that we end the meeting. Seconded by Haley Moore. Approved

Aye-20 Nay-0 AB-0

Meeting brought to close at 9:45 pm.

Allocated money for this meeting:

  • $100-Lightbulbs
  • $75-For Bio Room Bins
  • $50-Craft room
  • Total Allocated: $225