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Meeting Minutes for Structure Member Meeting (2nd Thursday of the Month) 1/12/2012 AVoting Members:

  • Andrew LeCody
  • Ben Baugerter
  • Craig MacPherson
  • David Rostcheck
  • Doug Emes
  • Eric Chaney
  • Glenn Pipe
  • Gus Reiter
  • John Haskins
  • Mark Havens
  • Nicole Greeley
  • Oguz Yekin
  • Paul Wilson
  • Phil Wrage
  • Robert Davidson
  • Shona Haskins
  • Steve Rainwater


  • Heather Williamee
  • Rober Pflughoft
  • Abbas Lotia (visiting)
  • David Guill (visiting)
  • Von Gannt (visiting)
  • James Crawford (visiting)
  • Chris Kirby
  • Luke Brown (visiting)
  • Stan Simmons

Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm

  • Quorum was reached at meeting (17 voting members)

Comittee Reports:

  • Operations and Facilities: Shona Haskins
    • Space running smoothly
    • Lots of projects still in progress
    • Bins for storage will be bought soon (see Board Meeting Minutes for approval)
    • Laser table is falling apart. Need to build a new one.
    • Doug's mother-in-law is donating chairs and furniture to the space. Pickup is needed on Jan 21st. Andrew putting up money to rent moving truck. Donation is about 30 chairs, bookcases. Everyone is meeting at the location at 7pm.
    • Chris Kirby has a trailer he can bring.
    • Need tie downs for moving
    • Will be painting lounge within the next month.
    • Low priority: large wash basin for screen printing
    • Electricity is a high priority. Lance working on getting this done.
    • Lance is also working on touch LED bar top.
    • Ben to research copper conductive paint.
  • Classroom Committee: Paul Wilson
    • Working on getting the screen finished
    • Want to get rails for curtain (Projected 180 for rails only)
    • Still working on finishing off Murphy's tables.

Paul Wilson motions to approve $250 Dollars for startup fund for curtain. Seconded by Oguz Yetkin Aye-15 Nay-0 AB-1

    • Suggested we replace carpet in classroom.
    • Doug brought up the need for an audio crash cart. Would like to research cost for putting one together. Recommended he get with John Fields as he is the chairman of the Classroom committee.
    • Starting up Artist Night Out twice a month on the first and third Monday's of the month.
  • PR Comittee: Nicole Greeley
    • Working on getting more classes set up at the space.
    • Talking with several orginizations about coming and speaking at our space.
    • Need more business cards.
    • Need to start planning for events in a couple months.
    • Idea for a 'Cultural' exchange night for the space between the DPRG and DMS.
    • Want to plan for a Parent/Child day at the space.
  • Financial Comittee: John Haskins
    • Currently 13,000 plus in account plus 2,000 already slotted for use.
    • Tripple pay electricity issue is being resolved.
    • Audelia location deposit still in dispute. Billing Operations-Currently owner is claiming we owe them 23 dollar but amount was miscalculated.
    • Check with Peter on 2010 Operating Expenses.
    • Membership count is up to 78
    • Suggested finding a pro bono lawyer who would be willing to donate time to the space.
    • Gus could help with financial committee
    • Leland has filing cabinet he will donate to the space. Approval already give by the Bio guys to house cabinet in the bio room.
  • Security Committee: Andrew LeCody
    • Still working on RFID system. John Haskins is helping with the programming aspect of the access control panel.
    • Working on camera system. Will have two cameras right now for front and back of space.

Action Item: Andrew will see if CI will donate cameras.

Shona proposes we allocate $100 towards purchasing a rental truck for moving donated furniture. Seconded by Paul Wilson Aye-14 Nay-0 AB-2

New Buisness:

  • Peter said he will be moving RepRap soon.
  • New members need profile pictures on wiki
  • Steve will write blog on Open Source seminar held at the space.
  • Eric has two events coming up. Blending Class and First Lego League

Action Item: Nicole to make new business cards for Lego League event.

Doug proposes a one time $50 supporting fee for Laser Cutter. Seconed by Oguz Yetkin Aye-14 Nay-0 AB-2

  • Gus is heading up to New York-bring stuff from our space to give to the hackerspace there.
  • Paul suggest we get the numbers for buying more robot badges. Amount will be brought up at the next structured meeting.
  • Ben needs on lynux expert to commit time to the CNC project.
  • Doug wants more submailing lists.

Action Item: Andrew to work on this. Mike Eber clean up mailing list.

Total money allocated in meeting: Classroom: Rails and Curtain: $250 Truck Rental: $100 (Money was not needed) Laser Support Fee: $50

Total: $300

Meeting brought to a close at 9:10pm