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Regular Member Meeting 20111208

(Insufficient participation for any votes)

19:51 Andrew L beginning meeting


Jim Newton, Techshop from California

20:00 Upcoming events

White Elephant update by Shona Haskins

Minimum purchase is $25

Starts at 1300, Saturday 17th.

20:04 This Sunday, DMS BOD meeting.

20:05 This Saturday, DPRG monthly meeting. Doug Paradis discussing.

20:06 Adam Savage and the crew will be at Grand Prairie at the end of this month.

20:08 Projects

20:09 Joe updating about wine system

20:11 David R. bacterial power production system update

20:12 Joe discussing different AV equipment

20:13 John Fields updating on classroom work

Information about painting, drapery, etc. Hoping to have it projector ready for the Christmas party. Upgrade to the lights. Discussion about the screen type.

20:17 Adjourned.