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  • starting 1941 20110106
  • mathew merker, from keller
  • heard about us on Google, searched for Dallas Makerspace
  • 17 people
  • (incl 2 guests)
  • Steve will be meeting Steve on the 16th to collect donation of darkroom materials.

  • Kyle Leaving Dakota, on tour
  • Here in Dallas,
  • 4x6 pictures
  • one night show
  • march 11, in dallas
  • back in the mail on monday

  • Jonathon is working on an art piece
  • maybe 8x12 blocks

  • Andrew
    • have forums
      • uses LDAP, if don't have LDAP, talk to Andrew
      • forums for the day to day, wiki for the documentation
    • have calendar (for Nicole)
  • Steve Reeves wants to start a crummy camera club
  • Doug n Steve Rainwater; working on DIY hula hoops.
  • Steve Rainwater; recycled fashion
  • Jan 15th, next laser class, one spot left open.
  • Adjourning at 2034