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Additions from the meeting

Event: Nicole--Fri, Mar 11, Gallery. Showing, it goes back in the mail on Monday. 4x6 picture. Possibly also sending props along. Flyers.

Project: PaulWilson--Gramophone

Greg: in process of designing a vacuformer. 24x24. needs material only. has everything else, getting built in the garage. PETG, ABS, unsure about temp from the unit. - ID Badges, busy, has everyones done in the illustrator format, just waiting for some available time to make them. DMS bought about 60 of them. Probably be after New Years - Screen printer.

Glenn: making a linear strip heater

Jonathan: making a table of Many Small things, entombing, acryllic. 1" deep table-top entombment.

All-con - PR advertisement on it, March 18-20.