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General guidelines for use of the DMS Table Saw

This page is intended to provide general guidelines only. It is in no way a substitution for the established training class or your own common sense. Please use caution when using the table saw. Rules for the table saw are designed for your safety and are part of the DMS wiki and governed by the general rules of the space.

Standard procedures

  • Clean the table saw before and after you use it. *****THIS INCLUDES THE TROUGH UNDER THE BLADE*** The trough area is known to gather materials (plastics) which are not removed by the vacuum system and can heat to the point of combustion.
  • Always use the dust collection system, always make sure the baffle for the dust collection system is set to open
  • Use appropriate safety equipment - safety push sticks (, safety glasses, ear protection, appropriate clothing


  • There are no specific restrictions on materials used in the table saw. Please use blades appropriate to the materials you are cutting. Please inquire before cutting anything requiring lubrication

Replacement Parts

Delta Table Saw - replacement belt A12906S, available at