Steering Committee Meeting 20110208

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  • Steering Committee
    • Peter Smith (chair)
    • Eric Chaney
    • Mark Havens
    • Alyssa Pipe
    • Steve Rainwater

Meeting Agenda

  • Sub Committees
    • Organizational sub-committee (Organizational ToDo list, by-laws--Mark Havens, 501(c)(3) sub-committee)
      • Mark Havens, Steve Rainwater, Andrew Lecody
      • Status of review of by-laws
        • Meeting, 20110104, went through first half of them
        • Last meeting, 20110111, went through the remaining half
      • Incorporation document has been sent to the state; When? Sent during the holidays, Friday or Saturday.
        • Have scanned in the response letter, it is now in the Admin Wiki
      • Status on getting the EIN, can be done before receiving the Incorporation document
        • SS-4 for EIN, pdf from IRS; Maybe able to file. Mark will get EIN, from IRS, assigned on 20100111.)
      • Status on 1023 filing. (When these are complete, 1023 filing goes off)
    • Building sub-committee (physical space ToDo list--Alyssa Pipe, Physical space sub-committee)
      • Alyssa Pipe, Eric Chaney, Paul Wilson
      • Status of upstairs space (Mark)
        • $300 on top of current rental
        • Would require budget update to show that we can afford it, probably refer to Steve's Monthly Budget Google Doc
      • Need listing of capital expenditures (Current Needs and Space_Checklist)--Need lists of WHAT, COST, and PRIORITY
        • Results of Forum Poll for in-space items.
  • Remaining bits
    • Review Eric's Standing Rules, patch if necessary, and adopt
    • Will go over Standing Rules after next week's meeting (20110123)
    • Seriously consider rules for meetings, check out HacDC's rules
    • Status of getting a new copy of our insurance for us to make some duplicates of for our records.