Steering Committee Meeting 20110104

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Meeting Agenda

  • Change for Hackerspace Policy
    • Come up with completely new wording for DPRG Hackerspace Policy (20110104)
    • Steve will send us his patch
  • Sub Committees
    • Organizational sub-committee (Organizational ToDo list, by-laws--Mark Havens)
      • Status of review of by-laws; Mark, Steve, and Andrew
      • Incorporation document has been sent to the state; When? Sent during the holidays, Friday or Saturday.
      • Getting the EIN, can be done before receiving the Incorporation document
      • When these are complete, 1023 filing goes off
    • Building sub-committee (physical space ToDo list--Eric Chaney)
      • Status of upstairs space (Mark)
      • Need listing of capitals expenditures (Current Needs and Space_Checklist)--Need lists of WHAT, COST, and PRIORITY
        • (Off the top of my head, Peter:)
        • Some excellent work tables, either homemade or purchased or table tops
        • Wall-mounted shelves/shelving
        • Projector screen (the one in the largest A/C-ed room is on loan from Jonathon)
        • Tools
          • Digital soldering iron(s)
          • Saws
          • Fans
            • New evacuation fan for Laser Cutter
            • Space/Garage/People cooling fans
  • Remaining bits
    • Review Eric's Standing Rules, patch if necessary, and adopt
    • Seriously consider rules for meetings, check out HacDC's rules
  • Requirements (not sure why I wrote this)

Random Notes, Peter (Peter242)

(I jotted this down during the meeting) 501c3 is a Charitable organization. Andrew made an events calendar on Google Apps Nicole, re: PR Andrew, created the forums, at We discussed starting some basic forums, Projects, Events, Start with just General and go from there. Perhaps an administrative (to the forums) area first as well. Take FAQs, suggestions, etc in there. Accounting Status of Email addresses; settled on "treasurer<at>"--have it forward to users (no need for GMail account). Also need dms<at> and dmsbiz<at> accounts to replace the <at> ones. Andrew also to get into contact with Ed re:


After this meeting, Andrew, Mark, Steve, and I went to the Fox & Hound to review the By-laws. We got halfway through before convening. Next Tuesday we will repeat and cover the last half.