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Types of Sponsorships

  1. Name a classroom ($12,000 for a single class room, and availability is limited ): This sponsor will have a classroom named after them in exchange for an annual donation.
  2. Committee Sponsorship (): This sponsor will provide a monetary monthly/annual donation to a specific committee to be used for operations, or equipment to be used by the committee. These sponsors will be mentioned in all pr related to this committees events
  3. Monetary only Sponsorship (Sky's the limit): The sponsor will provide a monthly or annual donation to the DMS general fund.
  4. Equipment Sponsorship: A sponsor takes on a piece of existing equipment at the DMS, and pledges to keep it in working order through paying for repairs.
  5. Equipment Donation Sponsorship: The sponsor donates a piece of equipment to the DMS (but is not obligated to maintain the equipment) in exchange for a Web Space logo, and plaque on the item donated
  6. Sponsor an Event: The sponsor would donate funds to help the DMS go to an event or put on an event. (Minimum donation of $1200)

Rewards of Sponsorship

  1. $1200 - Web Space Logo: Get recognition for all to see on the web
  2. T-Shirt logo present on the back of DMS Official Design (logo size depends on the value of the contribution, and colors are limited. Shirts are printed as bought, so the logo would appear from the donation on.)
  3. Sponsor Banner space for remote Venues (logo size depends on the value of the contribution)
  4. Plaque in a Sponsored Room or on Sponsored Equipment
  5. "Brought to you buy" plaque: The item donated in question will have a plaque stating who sponsored or donated the item

Plaque ideas: Laser cut Acrylic or Rastered Wood

Annual Donation Tiers:

  • $1200 - Web Space Logo
  • $2400 -
  • $4800 -
  • $9600 - T-shirt logo present on the back of DMS Official shirts
  • $12000 -
  • $19200 -
  • $38400 -
  • $76800 -
  • $153600 -

Don't let us limit you, the bigger the donation the more imaginative the reward we'll think of!!