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This page describes software projects which would be helpful to Dallas Makerspace.

Improve Membership Statistics Page (Paul Brown)

Current membership statistics page:


  • Add month selector and only show relevant yearly memberships within the last 12 months.
  • Add stats for:
    • New yearly memberships
    • Family memberships
    • Regular monthly memberships
    • Net increase over last month
  • Add a graph for net increase by month.

Solution (work in progress):

Energy Saving Software (Paul Brown)


  • Scrape the Texas Smart Meter site and add the information to the database so we can track our progress on saving electricity:
  • Remotely control WIFI thermostats by creating a script to scrape and control the WIFI thermostat website. (or use an API?, brooks applied for beta access)
  • Allow triggering the temperature change with a POST request. (this will allow other applications to change the temperature)
  • Add functionality to G-cal Manager to send a post request when a class is about to occur.

Calendar Replacement (Paul Brown)


  • Community events management (allow users to submit events and have them approved by the PR group)
  • Must be responsive and look good on mobile screens
  • Allow adding events for specific rooms
  • Automatically push events to facebook, eventbrite, google calendar, and meetup
    • We also need it to remove events when events are deleted or cancelled

Idea #1: Create an add-on for The Events Calendar that publishes events to facebook, meetup, and eventbrite. The eventbrite add-on looks like it can push events, but not automatically. The facebook add-on only imports events. And there is no add-on.

Idea #2: Modify Hacker Dojo's events calendar to suit our needs. Unfortunately, this requires using google app engine and doesn't have as much out of the box functionality as idea #1.

Idea #3: Use Full Calendar for the calendar's front-end. Create a backend for the calendar with an approval process for submitting new events. Then add the functionality for the calendar to read and write events to/from Facebook, Eventbrite, Google Calendar, and

Idea #4: Create a program which only finds and fixes the differences between google calendar, meetup, facebook, and eventbrite. (could be a good step #1)

Solution: Paul made an web app for this:

Volunteer Opportunities Tracker (Paul Brown)


  • At the top it needs to say "This is not a TODO list for you to use to mandate other volunteers to do work for you."
  • It will allow users to create a "Volunteer Opportunity". A volunteer opportunity will be a task the user is willing to own (see to completion themselves if necessary), but the owner needs help from the group to complete it.
  • Allow non-owners to attach themselves to a task (or get officially involved with a task).
  • Allow the owner to provide updates, possibly send reminders to the people involved. The owner will post updates on progress and who is helping.
  • Allow users to comment on tasks (also allow users to upvote/downvote comments)

Idea #1: Add the functionality to Maker Manager. Create a table for comments, tasks, and users involved with tasks.

Solution: We've been using Trello for this.

Cancellation Link (Paul Brown)


Idea #1: Make the page on Maker Manager and make it similar to the Billing function under the site/ controller.

Paypal Export Parser for Quickbooks (Paul Brown)


  • Add transaction numbers to the IIF file which comes from paypal or convert the CSV to a format which can import.
  • Needs to automatically change the debit and credit accounts when appropriate. For example, laser fees don't go to membership dues (which is the default).

Solution: (still a work in progress, just hacked something together that barely works)

Add Categories To "How Did You Hear About Us?" Page (Paul Brown)


  • The page needs to allow sorting the answers for "How did you hear about us?" into categories and creating new categories. I want to keep the "How did you hear about us?" field as a text field so we can get as much data as possible.

Idea #1:

Add two database tables to a database:

  • Table 1
    • Category ID
    • Category Name
  • Table 2
    • WHMCS ID
    • Category ID

Add dropdowns to the "How Did You Hear About Us?" page for categories and a new page for creating categories.

Improve Handling of Family Member Badges In MakerManager (Paul Brown)


  • Make family member add-ons consistent in WHMCS. Some members have a special $60 product without any add-ons. This makes it difficult for the software to run a single query to find family members without some awkward special cases.
  • Create a new table for family members. There will be a one-to-many relationship between the main person on the account and family members.
  • Modify "Badge Request" page to show another drop-down when a family member is selected.
    • Ask for the family member's name and badge#.
    • Query WHMCS for whether the person has a family membership.

Idea #1:

Solution: Now we're limiting the number of active badges to the number of active products + addons.

Allow Individual-Door Access Control in MakerManager

We will soon need to have 2 separate 4-door access controllers. We need to be able to have fine-grained access. Requirements:

  • Eliminate the dropdown box box Active/Deactivated
  • Add checkboxes for access to different areas:
    • Main entry
    • Warehouse (woodworking direct entry, warehouse general, warehouse back door, entry through classroom)
    • IT/Server Room (limited access)
    • Secondary entrance (limited access)