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This page includes resources used to complete the IRS form 990-EZ.

Should I file the 990-EZ, 990-N, or regular 990?$25,000-$50,000-or-Less

2013 (approximate)

(120221+56896+33790)/3=70302 = Form 990-EZ

Form 990 must be filed by an organization exempt from income tax under section 501(a) (including an organization that has not applied for recognition of exemption) 
if it has either (1) gross receipts greater than or equal to $200,000 or (2) total assets greater than or equal to $500,000 at the end of the tax year 
(with exceptions described below for organizations eligible to submit Form 990-N and for certain organizations described in Section B. 
Organizations Not Required to File Form 990 or 990-EZ, later).

2014 (approximate):

~$247,285 in revenue = Form 990

When should I file the 990-EZ?

File Form 990-EZ by the 15th day of the 5th month after the organization's accounting period ends (May 15 for a calendar-year filer).

This means you file on May 15th if your accounting period goes from Jan 1 to Dec 31.

Types of Sales

  • Line 7a. Sales of inventory
    • Inventory items are goods the organization makes to sell to others, or that it buys for resale. (pearce's stickers)
  • Line 8. Other Revenue
    • royalties that are not investment income or program service revenue (like Eber's vending machine)
  • Lines 5a through 5c. Gains (or Losses) From Sale of Assets Other Than Inventory
    • Sales of investments
    • sales of all other non-inventory assets (program-related investments and fixed assets used by the organization in its related and unrelated activities)

Note: Don't count sales as fundraising. Fundraising events and activities raise funds by offering goods or services that have more than a nominal or insubstantial value (compared to the price charged) for a payment that is more than the direct cost of those goods or services.

Source: Form 990-EZ Instructions From The IRS

Sales of donated items appear to go on Line 8:

Vehicle sales also appear to go on Line 8:

Additional Descriptions of Lines

Line 16

The amount of stuff that falls under Line 16 - Other Expenses is massive.

Examples From UCOA Keyword List

Advertising expenses  
Affiliate payments
Airfare, train fare, bus fare 
Amortization - depreciable assets - allowable
Amortization -- Leasehold improvement - allowable
Artwork - purchased 
Auto allowance for employees & volunteers 
Automobile insurance 
Automotive - interest on loans & leases 
Automotive equipment depreciation - allowable
Award plaques, non-cash prizes to clients 
Bad debt expense 
Board meetings, luncheons, dinners 
Bookeeping supplies 
Books, subscriptions, references
Building & grounds maintenance & supplies
Building purchases
Building rent & parking fees 
Bus, subway, & taxicab fares 
Business interruption insurance 
Capital purchases - buildings 
Capital purchases - equipment 
Capital purchases - land 
Capital purchases - vehicles
Car rental for travel 
Classroom supplies 
Computer related service fees
Computer service bureau fees
Computers - rental & maintenance 
Conferences, conventions, meetings
Contingency provisions 
Continuing education for employees 
Contributed materials & supplies 
Contributed use of facilities & utilities
Conventions, meetings, conferences 
Copy equipment rental & maintenance 
Copying & duplicating - outside services 
Copying & duplicating materials & supplies 
Craft supplies 
Credit card discount fees
Credit card fees 
Degree programs for employees 
Delivery & messenger service
Deprec & amort - allowable
Deprec & amort - not allowable
Depreciation -- automotive equipment - allowable
Depreciation -- buildings - allowable
Depreciation - equipment - allowable
Depreciation, amortization, depletion - allowable
Directors' and officers' liability insurance 
Donated  facilities 
Donated materials & supplies 
Drugs & medicines (clinic use only) 
Dues for employee & organization memberships 
Duplicating & copying - outside services
Duplicating & copying materials & supplies
Duplicating equipment rental & maintenance 
Employee development, education, etc
Employee memberships
Equipment - donated use of 
Equipment - loan & lease interest 
Equipment depreciation - allowable
Equipment maintenance supplies 
Equipment purchases
Equipment rental - meetings, conferences 
Equipment rental & maintenance
Expenses - other 
Facilities and utilities - donated
Facility rental - meetings, etc
Federal Express, UPS, other overnight 
Fees - outside mailing service
Fees for outside computer services
Fidelity bonds 
Film purchases & processing 
Films - produced by others 
Fines, penalties, judgements
First aid supplies for employees 
Food & beverage - non-program related 
Food & beverage - program related 
Food & beverage costs for meetings, etc
Food & beverage for employees & visitors 
Food & beverage services to clients 
Freight, trucking 
Gas & oil -- shipping (delivery) related 
Gas & oil -- travel related 
General liability insurance 
Government registration fees (state charity)
Heating oil 
Honoraria & expenses for speakers 
Hotel, meals, & incidental expenses 
Housekeeping & janitorial services 
Housekeeping, laundry, & linen supplies 
Incorporation & other organizational expenses
In-house publications
Insurance - business interruption 
Insurance - company shipping vehicles 
Insurance - company travel vehicles 
Insurance - directors' & officers' liab 
Insurance - excluding employee related 
Insurance - fidelity bonds
Insurance - general liability
Insurance - malpractice 
Insurance - meeting cancelation
Insurance - non-employee related
Insurance - professional liability
Insurance - property 
Insurance on shipping & delivery vehicles 
Insurance on travel vehicles (automobiles) 
Interest - general 
Interest on automobile loans & leases
Interest on equipment loans & leases 
Interest on mortgages 
Interest on other long-term debt 
Interest on other short-term debt
Interest on truck loans & leases 
Internet access fees
Janitorial & similar service fees 
Judgments, fines, & penalties
Land purchases
Laundry, linen, & housekeeping supplies
Lease interest
Leasehold improvement - capital purchase
Leasing costs - shipping vehicles (not intr) 
Leasing costs - travel vehicles (not intr ) 
Liability insurance
License fees - other 
Licenses & permits - occupancy related
Licenses & permits - shipping vehicles 
Licenses & permits - travel vehicles 
List rental
Local & out-of-town travel 
Local bus, subway, & taxicab fares - travel 
Long-term debt interest
Mailing services 
Maintenance -- company travel vehicles 
Maintenance - copiers, computers, etc 
Maintenance & supplies - building & grounds
Maintenance of shipping (delivery) vehicles 
Maintsupplies - copiers, computers, etc 
Malpractice insurance
Meals, hotel, & incidental expenses
Medicine & drugs (clinic use only)
Meeting cancelation insurance
Meeting space & equipment rental 
Meeting supplies 
Meeting, etc- registration fees
Meetings - food & beverage costs 
Meetings - notices, badges 
Meetings - related printing costs 
Meetings - speakers' honoraria & expenses 
Meetings, conferences, conventions
Meetings, etc- employee & volunteer travel 
Meetings, luncheons, dinners with board
Meetings, luncheons, dinners with volunteers 
Membership dues - organization
Membership dues for employees & organization
Messenger & delivery service 
Mortgage interest
Motor vehicle insurance 
Moving expenses 
Newsletters, leaflets - purchased 
Notices, badges for meetings 
Occupancy (rent, parking fees) 
Occupancy related licenses & permits 
Office rent
Office supplies 
Oil for heating
Organizational (corp) expenses
Organization's memberships 
Other expenses
Outside computer services 
Outside copying & duplicating services
Outside mailing service fees
Overnight (e g , Federal Express, UPS) 
Paper, ink, film, & copying materials 
Parcel post & postage 
Parking fees & building rent
Parking space rental
Payments to affiliates 
Penalties, judgements, & fines
Per deim expenses 
Permit fees - other 
Permits & licenses - occupancy related
Permits & licenses -- shipping vehicles 
Permits & licenses -- travel vehicles
Personal property taxes 
Photo copying - purchased 
Photography - purchased 
Postage & parcel post
Postage & shipping
Postage meters - rental & maintenance 
Postal permit fees 
Printing & copying 
Printing costs - meetings, conferences, etc 
Production fees - meetings, etc
Professional liability insurance
Property insurance
Property taxes - personal
Prosthetic appliances (clinic use only) 
Provision for contingencies
Publications - in-house
Publications (published by others) 
Purchase of books, publications
Purchases - buildings
Purchases - equipment
Purchases - land
Purchases - vehicle
Real estate taxes 
Recordings - produced by others 
Recreational supplies 
Reference materials
Registration fees for meetings, etc 
Rent, parking, other occupancy
Rental - car for travel
Rental - copiers, computers, postage meters 
Rental expense for outside lists 
Rental of space & equip for meetings, etc 
Rental of trucks for shipping (delivery) 
Repairs -- company travel vehicles 
Repairs of shipping (delivery) vehicles 
Royalty payments
Safety deposit box fees 
Sales taxes
Service bureau fees - computer related
Sewer & water 
Shipping - insurance -- company vehicles 
Shipping - interest on truck loans & leases
Shipping - leasing costs - vehicles (no intr) 
Shipping - licenses & permits for vehicles 
Shipping - tires -- company vehicles 
Shipping & delivery vehicle insurance
Shipping (delivery)
Shipping (delivery) - gas & oil 
Shipping (delivery) & postage
Shipping (delivery) vehicle maintenance 
Short-term debt interest 
Speakers' honoraria & expenses for meetings
Staff development
Staff development, education, training, etc 
State & local charity registration fees 
Stationary, typing, accounting, etc supplies 
Storage space rental
Subscriptions to other publications 
Subscriptions to periodicals 
Subway, & taxicab fares
Supplies - classroom
Supplies - computer, typing, accounting, etc
Supplies - conferences, conventions, meetings
Supplies - donated materials
Supplies - equipment maintenance 
Supplies - first aid for employees
Supplies - housekeeping, laundry, & linen
Supplies - paper, ink, film, & copying mat'ls
Supplies & maintenance - building & grounds
Supplies- plaques, non-cash prizes for clients
Taxes - other 
Taxes - property, similar
Taxes - real estate
Taxes - sales
Taxes - unrelated business income (UBIT)
Taxicab fares
Telegram, telex 
Telegraph expense (mailgram, etc ) 
Telephone & telecommunications
Telephone equipment maintenance 
Telephone related expense
Tires - company shipping vehicles 
Tires - company travel vehicles 
Training seminars & workshops for staff
Transportation - travel related 
Travel - airfare, train fare, bus fare
Travel - auto allowance for employees
Travel - for volunteers on business 
Travel - gas & oil
Travel - hotel, meals, & incidental expenses 
Travel - insurance - company vehicles
Travel - interest on auto loans & leases 
Travel - leasing costs - vehicles (not intr )
Travel - licenses & permits on vehicles
Travel - local & out-of-town travel
Travel - local bus, subway, & taxicab fares
Travel - per diem payments
Travel - repairs - company vehicles
Travel - tires - company vehicles
Travel & travel-related transportation
Travel for meetings & conferences 
Travel vehicle (automobile) insurance
Truck loan & lease interest
Truck maintenance - shipping (delivery)
Truck rental for shipping (delivery)
Trucking, freight 
Typewriter rental & maintenance 
Typewriter supplies 
UBIT taxes 
Uncollected accounts receivable (bad debt) 
UPS, Federal Express, other overnight 
Use of facilities and utilities - donated 
Utilities & use of facilities - donated 
Vehicle purchases
Vocational supplies 
Water & sewer
Web design fees

Examples From Other 501c3's