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Sign Idea #1

This project is to create a "Rube Goldberg" type sign that will fit in window of the lounge.

Project Members

Current project members:

  • Ryan McCutcheon
  • Michael Lass
  • Ed Kim
  • Andrew LeCody


TODO: Pictures of the project.

Paul Brown's Sign Idea

Link To Completed Project Pictures


I made a design that's basically a box with the Dallas Makerspace logo cut out of the front. The design is 36"x24" and for 1/8" tempered hardboard. (maybe black acrylic would look better)

Hopefully it will look like this: Link

It needs the following:

  • Flat white paint on the inside (to reflect light toward the front)
  • A fluorescent ballast and 2 bulbs to go on the inside
  • Black paint on the outside (to make it look cool)
  • Wood glue to hold the back together, and some wood shims
  • Black caulk
  • A 32"x20" piece of acrylic painted white on one side (or frosted glass) to go behind the cut out logo and diffuse the light
  • Drill for holes to run cord into the box for the light
  • Epoxy for the pieces of the letters that need to be glued to the white acrylic


  • The florescent light bulbs needs to be accessible, so maybe a hinge needs to be added to the design.

Improvement Ideas

  • Reduce the depth
  • Add another inch to the length and width
  • Increase the kerf
  • Get a spray paint gun
  • Laser cut holes for bolts (4 total on each piece, possible 2 more mounting holes on the back)
  • Cut blocks of wood that are as long as the depth of the box and wide enough for short bolts that can hold the box together (pre-drill the holes in this wood)
  • Fewer dovetails to reduce laser cutting time
  • Remove the large hole, and just add a hole for the extension cord.
  • Add holes to mount fluorescent bulbs.
  • Maybe add some lockable hinges and weatherstripping to make the bulb removable

Our Lease

The lease says the following about signs:

"No signs or other objects shall be erected which are attached to the roof of the building and no signs shall
be attached to the building at right angles suspended by guy wires, but shall be attached flush to the 
building in a safe and secure manner, not a canopy. All such signs erected shall advertise the Tenant's 
business only and no revenue producing advertising shall be erected on the demised premises without specific 
written permission of the landlord. Tenant shall not paint any signs directly on the walls of the building or 
otherwise deface, damage, or overload the building."